Quickest Way To Release Catfish (Without Having To Touch Them)


If you’re using live or cut bait, you’re likely going to catch a few catfish.

It’s just the price you gotta pay!

But here’s the good news: there’s a really easy way to quickly release them.

In this video, we’ve got Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson of FloridaKeysFunFishing.com showing you how to do it.

You don’t have to touch them and risk getting spined (or getting their slime on you), and all you need is one simple tool.

Check out the video below to see how to quickly release catfish!

How To Quickly Release Catfish [VIDEO]

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The easiest way to release catfish is to use a dehooker.

To do this, put the curve of the dehooker tool in the curve of the hook, pull them apart tightly so they’re on the same plane, and rotate the fish away from you.

This will let you fling the catfish off of your hook and back into the water without having to touch them with your hands.

However, there are some common mistakes anglers make when using this tool.

They are:

  1. Putting the line and tool at a 90° angle (they should be at a 180° angle)
  2. Letting too much slack in the line (the line should be tight)
  3. Rotating the fish toward you (rotate the fish away from you)

Have any questions about using a dehooker to release catfish?

Let us know down in the comments!

You can get a dehooker from Amazon here.

And if you’re in the Florida Keys and want to book a trip with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at FloridaKeysFunFishing.com.

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Gordon McBride
3 years ago

Why not take them home and grind them up for frozen chum?

Jonathan Getz
3 years ago
Reply to  Gordon McBride

To each their own, depending on how much you want to mess with them. I know folks that use them for their crab traps.

3 years ago

I thought I knew what he was going to do but that was different.. Very cool! Thanks Hollywood

Daniel Pletcher
3 years ago

OK, but will that technique work with large cats or sailcats. I would like to see a video of that. Thanks

Jonathan Getz
3 years ago

I use a slightly different dehooker/hook out tool where I follow the line to the curve of the hook. Grab and shake. Works great with the big hardheads I caught with live croaker.

Last edited 3 years ago by Jonathan Getz


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