Cruising The Flats To Quickly Find Inshore Fish [Fishing Report]

You don’t have to go too far to quickly find inshore fish!!

On this trip, I stuck to the current trends and looked for key fall indicators that pointed me in the direction of fish.

Take a look below!!

Quickly Find Inshore Fish [VIDEO]

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Tackle Used On This Trip:

At the beginning of this trip, I threw out topwater plugs and some subsurface lures and caught trout almost instantaneously.

The water was moving and there was a nice breeze that stirred the surface a bit.

However, the tide began to change over and the bite slowed down.

I decided to make a move and find some deeper pockets of water in hopes of finding fish.

My objective was to also follow the incoming tide on the way back in after it changed over.

I found a few areas with broken bottom structure thanks to Smart Fishing Spots.

Broken bottom structure is the feature I really look for in a fishing spot when the bite dies down.

These areas are highly likely to hold fish in deeper water when the tide is changing over.

As always, you should have Dr. Juice out there on the water with you.

I never leave home without it and without a doubt, it has increased my hookup ratio.

Smart Fishing Spots

If you’re wondering where I’m fishing, we share this information exclusively with our Insider Members.

We share the exact locations of where we caught fish and show you how you can find fishing spots in your area.

Smart Fishing Spots has tools to tell you exactly where the fish are and advanced topographical maps that basically give you underwater views.

This gives you everything you need to know ahead of time so you can just hit the water and catch fish.

Keep in mind, Smart Fishing Spots is only available to Insider Members and is FREE when you join the Insider Club.


There are few ways to get every possible advantage you can over these fish than with Smart Fishing Spots.

You’ll be way ahead of the game just by having access to this software.

It’s just one of the many ways we’re changing the game.

Do you have any more questions about how to quickly find inshore fish?

Let me know down in the comments section below this article!!

Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

1. Weekend Game Plans (updated weekly)

These regional game plans will show you exactly what types of spots to target in under 10 minutes… just click the video to start, and you’ll be informed on what to do on your next trip.

➡ Weekend Game Plan Lessons

2. Smart Fishing Spots Platform (updated every 15 minutes)

This exclusive software literally shows you where the most fish are likely to be feeding based on exactly when you’ll be fishing. It factors in the tides, wind, and weather to help you quickly see which areas to target throughout the day.

➡ Smart Fishing Spots App

3. Community Reports (live feed)

The Insider Community platform is what you can use to see what is biting near you, and you can get to know other members who fish in your area. Plus, you can use it to keep a log of your catches so you can use past trips to help predict future catches.

➡ Community Platform 

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Shane Lyons
4 months ago

Very nice, what’s the horizon rod mount you’re using?


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