Rapala Skitter Walk vs. Skitter V: Topwater Lure Contest Day 1


What’s the best topwater for speckled trout?

I recently created a video addressing that topic and mentioned the Skitter Walk in it…

But one lure that came up again and again in the comments was the Skitter V.

Some people were asking more about it, while others were saying it’s their favorite lure for trout.

And since I hadn’t had much experience using it, I decided to take it out and pit these two Rapala topwater lures against each other.

This was the first day of this contest, but I noticed one big difference between them that let me catch the biggest trout of the day.

Want to see what that difference was?

Check out the video below!

P.S. We don’t accept sponsorships so we’re not sponsored by Rapala, this video is just to help you pick the best lure so you can catch more fish.

Skitter Walk vs. Skitter V [VIDEO]

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On this trip, the wind was blowing pretty strong, but I’d found a point that was loaded with trout, so I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was using the Skitter Walk for a while with some success, but it eventually got too choppy and windy and it wasn’t making good cuts through the water anymore.

Then I switched to the Skitter V and right away landed a 23″ trout!

On this first day of testing, I found that the Skitter V was better in super windy conditions than the Skitter Walk.


topwater trout

If you’re fishing in windy and choppy conditions, the Skitter V is likely a better option than the Skitter Walk.

It stays closer to the surface of the water and makes more of a commotion, whereas the Skitter Walk was more easily blown around.

You can get these lures from our shop here:

Have you used these two lures?

What are your thoughts on them?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who uses topwaters in windy conditions, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Art Heiter
10 months ago

Where did you find your rod measuring ruler?

Art Heiter
10 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Perfect. Thank you!

Glenn Acomb
10 months ago

Good video. I have several Skitter Walks that I have used over the years and added the Skitter Walk V some time ago. I like the V a bit better as it casts further and walks better. I have associated this with it being smaller around than the Walk. A smaller version of the V would be interesting.

Dudley Stone
10 months ago

Thanks for the awesome video! It must be great to catch trout cast after cast! How deep was the water that you were covering in that video?

Pat Ogletree
10 months ago

Nice job on the video and that was a nice trout no matter where your fishing! That exact Skitter V has really shined for me the past month. It seems when the seasonal winds picked up it’s caught more and bigger fish for me. I like the flat sides because when the wind is up like you were fishing in you can really rip it hard and throw a lot of water to attract attention. Big trout can’t stand it. In another few weeks we’ll have to start backing done on the size and noise. Thanks for sharing.


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