Savage Gear 3D Manic Shrimp Review (Plus Underwater Footage)


It’s shrimp time!

Shrimp is a staple food source for just about any fish that lives in inshore waters.

Fishing with live or dead shrimp can be a very effective way of catching these fish, but you may easily go through a couple dozen in just a couple of hours.

Baitfish just love to pick your hook clean, and shrimp aren’t very tough to stay on the hook very long.

Nothing can really beat the real thing, but artificial shrimp can go a long way when it comes to inshore fishing for snook, redfish, seatrout, black drum, and tarpon.

A single artificial shrimp can catch you multiple fish before having to tie on a new one.

Some are extremely durable and can be used pretty much all day on the water, and even for multiple trips.

The Savage Gear 3D TPE Manic Shrimp is a great example of one of these very durable shrimp imitating lures.

savage gear 3d shrimp
Here’s the redfish I caught while testing out the Savage Gear shrimp

Here are some of the key features of the 3D shrimp by Savage Gear:

  • Made From a 3D Scan of an Actual Shrimp
  • Interchangeable Weedless Hook
  • Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)….or in layman’s terms, STRONG
  • A Woven Mesh Keeps the Lure Together for Durability
  • Segmented Tail Allows for “Thumping” Action
  • Antennae and Legs Create “Micro Movements” in the Water
  • The shrimp comes in a variety of colors and sizes
savage gear 3d shrimp
Woven Mesh Holding the Lure Together

This artificial shrimp also comes in a variety of sizes and colors to best suit whatever conditions you may be fishing in.

I like the “golden” color, but to clearly no color works best in all situations.

You can view the Savage Gear shrimp here on Amazon: Savage Gear Shrimp

savage gear shrimp
This is the “Golden” color, which I used in this review

There were only a couple disadvantages of this lure, but they really weren’t much of a concern.

The first disadvantage you will notice is that they go for anywhere from 6 to 8 bucks for one shrimp.

This seems like a bit much, but for how long they last compared to a pack of artificial shrimp, it is a reasonable price range.

The next disadvantage I found is that it didn’t cast very far.

However, this is easily fixed by replacing the EWG weighted hook that comes pre-rigged with a heavier one – they also come rigged in 1/8oz, 1/4oz and 1/2oz weights.

savage gear shrimp
Redfish caught using the Savage Gear 3D Manic Shrimp

In the following video, I will be reviewing the Savage Gear 3D Manic Shrimp, and you will also see some underwater footage of it’s action.

This was my first time using this particular type of artificial shrimp and I was even able to catch a nice redfish on it, which you will also see included in the video.


Savage Gear 3D Manic Shrimp [VIDEO]

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Overall, I am pretty impressed with this little shrimp made by Savage Gear.

It is super durable, has great action, and catches fish!

Keep in mind, we are not affiliated or sponsored by any products or companies, so these reviews are unbiased and based solely on our own experiences with the product.

100% Independent!

Are there any other lures you want to see reviewed?

Let us know in the comments!

Fish on!

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Fish On!

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Wayne A McAlister
5 years ago

Hi Tony,

I would really like to see a review on the Chase Baits prawn. It looks similar to the Savage gear shrimp. I saw them at ICAST and there products looked and swam very good.

Jim Silverman
6 years ago

Can I scent the Savage Gear 3 D Shrimp in left over Gulp Shrimp soft bait liquid they are shipped in?

Tony Mills
6 years ago

Tried the Savage 3D shrimp First cast out had a puffer fish bite it tore the tail off I was quite disappointed switched over to the Vudu shrimp very happy with the results from that, cut 20-plus fish on it before I had to replace it nice product.

Steven Free
6 years ago

Great video Tony yea I believe the gold would work here in the Jax st Augustine area as well where I live unfortunately im not going to be fishing for a while my boat trailer needs repaired nothing that I think I did wrong just one of those things that happen I was going to go tomorrow it was according to the solonar tables an 88 out of 100 but not now but on the upside here in the Jax area capt .ca Richardson did a smaller version of Luke’s inshore coarse yesterday and I went got a chance to talk and meet him in person very nice knowledgeable guy great coarse so glad he is now an instructor with saltstrong I only found out about the coarse by accident I have been watching his trout mastery coarse he’s been teaching and got in my spam email about him teaching a small coarse here so I naturally found out how to register and went it was fun and extremely informative and I believe you are as well your a great asset to saltstrong just like Joe and Luke and capt richardson and I just wanted to thank you for that its a great pleasure knowing that there is honest knowledgeable guys like you that do business on the internet and are not phony or crooks looking to make a buck any crooked way they can because there is a ton of them out there before i became a member the first time i saw the website I thought it was a scam but something inside me told me to try it and all I can say is it was the best money I spent on anything fishing in my whole life you guys are totally amazing to say the least I wear my salt strong shirts with great pride and tell every angler I meet about you guys and your wonderful fishing club God bless you guys and all the great knowledge you all share have a wonderful holiday season my friend you deserve and have most certainly earned it take care and God bless until a latter time????

Gene Hammond
6 years ago

Another big disadvantage is they do NOT skip under docks at all!


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