Where To Sight Fish For Redfish In The Winter

Note: This blog post on where to sight fish for redfish in the winter was originally shared on December 7th, 2022, but the information will help you catch more redfish right now!! Be sure to scroll down to check out all of the HELPFUL comments below this article!

I finally got to fish in an area that I’ve been wanting to fish for a long time.

This place I’m talking about is up near Jacksonville, Florida, and is filled with GATOR trout up to 30 inches or more!

Although I didn’t hook into any big trout, I caught the most beautiful redfish I ever have in my life.

Take a look here!!

Sight Fish For Redfish In The Winter [VIDEO]

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Tackle & Gear Used On This Trip:

The clouds were way down low and the fog made it hard to see off into the distance.

I was fishing along some weed lines when I spotted a redfish lurking around right on the edge of the grass.

So I took a pause to think about what I wanted to throw since I know the fish is sitting right there.

I figured the Slam Shady Jerk Shad would be my best chance at hooking up.

The most important thing at this point is to figure out which direction the fish is facing and make a cast there so the fish swims into your offering and strikes.

Almost immediately after casting right in front of the fish, I hooked up and the fight was on!

I had thought about throwing topwater and had some success earlier in the day, but the water was very calm and to avoid spooking off the fish, I went with the subsurface jerk shad.

The pattern on this trip was to have eyes on the grass lines for any surface action, then stop and make casts anytime you see fish.

In the case of the fish in the video, I had to follow it for a while around several points before it took my lure.

As long as that fish is cruising the weed lines eating bait, it is still a catchable fish.

Tailing redfish or fish cruising up and down grass lines are happy, active, feeding fish.

Keep your distance and lead the fish to your offering with your cast placement.

Furthermore, pay close attention to individual weeds or grass that is behaving a bit off.

If you see some grass or weeds moving the other way from the rest or vibrating at all, odds are that’s because of a fish.

Always keep your eyes peeled on the actual weeds along the shoreline.

Lures & Hooks

The topwater lure I was using on this trip is our 3.5-inch Moonwalker Topwater lure.

This is one of our proprietary lures designed to dart back and forth across the surface.

Also, the Slam Shady Jerk Shad was a success and caught a few fish on this trip.

The Slam Shady color is mostly white with some grey and silver flecks sprinkled throughout the lure.

I’m a traveling fishing coach that jumps up and down the East Coast and Gulf to fish in all sorts of different environments.

The Slam Shady lure color has produced fish for me in every single state I’ve fished in.

The last lure I was using on this trip was the Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail which is a 3.5-inch swimbait.

We also have larger sizes called the BOMBER which are 5-inch paddletail lures.

I had the soft plastic lures rigged up on our Hoss Helix Hooks.

These hooks have screw locks at the top to secure the lure in place.

This is the best hook to use to maintain a completely weedless presentation.


first day of fishing with new lure

These are just some of the most beautiful redfish you’ll ever see!!!

This place was LOADED with redfish and will definitely be a trip that sticks with me for a long time.

I might just end up in your local waters on my next trip!

Do you have any questions about the tips in this video or this fishing trip in particular?

Go ahead and let me know in the comments!!

Finding The Fish Help

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William (Bill) Krenek
2 months ago

Thanks Pat

Greg Smith
1 year ago

Thanks for the info! I’ve had similar success with my ZMan paddletail, Smoky Shad on 1/8 oz. jighead, working it very slow, and some success with my Super Spook Jr. and She Pup topwaters.

1 year ago

I wonder how long the trout stay in their

Roman Kielbowicz
1 year ago

Beautiful fish! Nice job Pat!

1 year ago

Very informative. How to approach and stalk a Red is helpful. I fish along the Laguna Madre in CC TX and we have many areas with grass banks but learning how to use my kayak and casting approach. Do you have any segments on Braid & Leader:connections. Proper methods to connect the two lines: 10 lb power to 20 Ande mono line?

Richard A Whisenant
1 year ago

Where were you fishing near jacksonville?

Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

You are absolutely crushing it right now, man!! Great trip and even better tips!

Wyatt Parcel
1 year ago

Those foggy mornings are the best!! Great report Pat!

Angelo Durso
1 year ago

gosh, Pat, those were some beautiful Redfish!! I haven’t come across a Red I didn’t think was pretty but they were some outstanding fish you caught, congrats and thanks for the illustration

Danny LeBlanc
1 year ago

Exciting redfish day. I almost thought I was with you..Lol! I’ll definitely use the pointers you provided. Thanks as always and enjoyed the video.


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