How To Rig The New Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ (For More Strikes)


The Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ lures are here!

And they are already catching a ton of fish!

If you’re an Insider, you have exclusive access to these new lures so you’ll want to know the best ways to rig them.

(And if you’re not an Insider, what are you waiting for?)

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best hooks to use with this lure
  • How to rig the Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ
  • Different ways to fish this lure
  • And more

Check it out below!

How To Rig New Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ [VIDEO]

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The EZ ShrimpZ lures are made with ElaZtech material that is super stretchy and durable.

And its segmented body creates great action and movement through the water.

There’s also a cavity in this shrimp lure that’s specifically for Z-Man hooks but you can use different hooks.

Best Ways To Rig The New Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ

The hooks that I recommend are the Mustad Weighted Grip Pin Hooks in a 3/0, 1/8 oz size.

Don’t go any bigger than a 3/0 size hook with this lure because it will definitely affect the action.

It’s easy to rig on these hooks because the super tough material won’t tear.

Put the hook point right through the nose and slide the nose over the weight.

Then rehook just behind the first segment of the body.

Also, I use a loop knot with this rig so that the shrimp will have a more erratic action in the water.

Another way to fish with the Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ is to drift it in the current.

Using a small circle hook (like an Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook in a 2/0 size), rig it up from the bottom and out through the top of the nose.

You can also add a split-shot weight if the current is really strong or you’re fishing in deeper water.

Also if it’s really calm, you can sight cast with this rig and retrieve it.


Rigging the Zman EZ ShrimpZ Slam Shady

These new Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ lures are a deadly combination of action and strength.

And if you rig them properly, you’re going to catch a ton of fish!

You can get these lures and hooks from our shop here:

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Have any questions about rigging the EZ ShrimpZ?

Let me know down in the comments!

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John Long
1 year ago

Thanks, Tony! I’ve been asking myself about these shrimpz. Great tips.

Side question: What brand of gloves are you wearing? I’m trying to find a good pair with thicker protection like yours. They look sturdy; especially given your time in them! Thanks, again!

John Long
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Too cool! Thanks, Tony! I finally found them by the Rock Fish on the back. Thank you for the reply.

Gratefully, Jay

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Those Grip pin hooks are the way to go on any Zman product. They changed my mind about Elaztech. Plus the Salt Strong store has the best price by far on them.

Grant Adkins Jr
1 year ago

What is the shelve life of any of the slam shady’s?

David Lee Kalb Jr.
1 year ago

👍 Do these come in the pink color also?

Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

Interesting. When would you use this over the Power Prawn?

Jonathan Getz
1 year ago

Great video Tony. I bought way too many of these EZ Shrimp pre-rigged a couple years ago, so might start “un-rigging” them. Not really a fan of the way the weight sits with the pre-rig hooks.
I would caution everyone to store these lures in the original packaging. Take it from my bad experiences with them melting or getting the tails deformed.

Cody Byers
1 year ago

Awesome video Tony! Do you think a circle hook setup could work on the Power Prawns or even Chssebait shrimps?


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