Did A Sod Farmer Crack The Code On Seagrass Restoration?


It’s no secret, our seagrass has been dying at an alarming pace.

For those who don’t know, seagrass is critical to our waterways, fisheries, and marine life in general.

Well, a sod farmer from Florida started trying to grow different grass in some of his favorite fishing holes many years ago, and now it’s turned into a full-scale company.

In fact, they are doing a really special seagrass restoration project in the Mosquito Lagoon.

Listen in as Katie Kramer, from Sea & Shoreline, shares what they are doing and how it impacts us as anglers.

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Did A Sod Farmer Crack The Code On Seagrass Restoration? [PODCAST]

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Did A Sod Farmer Crack The Code On Seagrass Restoration? [VIDEO]

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Ron Rudolph
10 months ago

Great discussion on the benefits of sea grass. This is a new restoration process to me and I hope it will be successful.

Art Heiter
10 months ago

Well, that was both extremely interesting and encouraging. Who knew? I liked the line, ‘experience a day in the life of a marine biologist.’ She’s one hard working individual with a terrific attitude. Quite amazing they can actually guarantee their work. That’s extremely impressive! Be nice to see some video work done on this to provide more public exposure. Excellent choice on an issue that affects us all.

Travis Rodkey
10 months ago

Awesome! Could y’all do something similar with Toadfish & oyster restoration?

Dennis Woytowitz
11 months ago

Well today I was able to meet Katie and plant the eell grass in the tributary

George Layton
8 months ago

FANTASTIC Dennis !!!


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