The Fishing Network Effect: Real-Time Data Vs Historical Trends

If you want a massive advantage in fishing, you MUST have a network.

Otherwise, it’s like swimming upstream without fins…

Do you have a fishing network?

If no, then you are at a MASSIVE DISADVANTAGE over other anglers who do.

In fact, you’ll never be able to truly become as consistent at catching fish as you’d hoped if you don’t have a network.

So listen in as we share how we use our network and community to share spots, trends, and shortcuts.

Check it out below!

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The Fishing Network Effect [VIDEO]

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The Fishing Network Effect [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 1:14 – The one thing that will separate you from the pack
  • 1:52 – Human intelligence trumps historical trends
  • 3:04 – 10 minutes each week will change how you fish
  • 4:35 – You have a team ready to back you up
  • 5:52 – The details of the fishing reports you’ll get
  • 6:26 – Strong Angler of The Week (What is it?)
  • 7:48 – How the community guides you to better fishing
  • 9:12 – The “Texas” effect
  • 12:26 – A community of gameplans, experiments, and fish scientists
  • 15:14 – Rising tides lift all boats
  • 17:39 – Something has changed and it’s not good
  • 19:21 – For us, nothing beats helping other anglers be successful
  • 21:37 – We just want to help. No nonsense. No bullying. Just fishing.
  • 22:14 – A place for newbies and professional guides
  • 25:12 – Anglers that pick up the phone to help out
  • 25:29 – Shoutout to members who’ve helped us! (Listen for your name drop and THANK YOU!!)
  • 31:26 – What you will remember in life
  • 32:53 – This is the REAL deal
  • 34:34 – You may join for the discounts but you’ll stay for the community
  • 35:54 – Insider exclusive meet-ups, products, and more
  • 37:29 – You’ll find value or you get your money back
  • 39:21 – Staff reports all go into the community too!


salt strong insider club review

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James Rogers
10 months ago

Great podcast guys, community is the key you guys are so right. I love this club, it’s positivity, knowledge base, and everyone’s so helpful and nice. A breath of fresh air. For me fishing the middle Bay Area of the Chesapeake which is tough when you try to target trout and reds, which I know are here not in great abundance, but they are here. Something I’m trying to prove every trip. I use nothing but what I buy from Salt Strong, and every lure has caught stripers, one red and a few trout. Rigged the way you guys taught me. The courses have paid great dividends. Now I plan trips based on trends, goggle spot dissection, smart tides, weather I now factor in everything. Thank you so much. Wish there were a lot more members in my area. I have noticed an increasing number of kayak fisherman this year.The tactics you use in Florida are the same ones I’m using here. We will find the reds😊

Matthew Lanier
10 months ago

Fishing is all about the moments, and making those memories!

Sharing the information with others, to help them share those experiences, is what the community is all about!

Network! Network! Network!
Gotta have a team behind you! I’m fortunate I’m able to begin to build a team of insiders here in the panhandle to add to my local guys. 💪

Also…. Justin, my kayak and I are coming for that futon one day! 😆

Last edited 10 months ago by Matthew Lanier
Chuck Downes
10 months ago

Captain Chuck Downes President of the Reel Anglers Fishing Club Cape Coral FL.
Great podcast! Have been trying to build a community atmosphere with our club members. Started with using experienced anglers within the club to help other anglers who are new to the area. We hold round table discussions, seminars, and demonstrations to help our members build skills to be more successful. Club members even take anglers out on the water to share there knowledge of fishing areas.
Even through the pandemic we met members at beaches for some helpful demonstrations in casting, top water lures, skip baiting, soft plastics and cast netting
Would like hook up with someone from Salt Strong to see how we could some information out to members. We hold monthly meetings with 84 members.
Would be happy to share any information about this area with you and other anglers.

George Layton
10 months ago

GREAT podcast fellas !!! The success of so many fishermen who have joined the Insider Club has increased so much more quickly by exactly what you discussed. I have met so many fishermen that have said how much their catch rate has gone up because of Salt Strong & several that say, I’ve heard of you (Salt Strong) and/or watched You Tube videos. After speaking with several of them, they decided to join & they have actually knocked my door to introduce themselves as new members, some of them that live close by in the the neighborhood !! The growth in the last year is phenomenal & in attempting to reply to every post, my time has easily doubled doing so. The most important aspect of being an Insider member is, the FRIENDSHIPS that have been created!! This FAMILY is about SHARING !!! Stay SALT STRONG & be SAFE !!!

Austin Moon
10 months ago
Reply to  George Layton

I love it!! Thank you so much George, we appreciate you BIG TIME!!

Tim Sellers
10 months ago

Your marketing is spot on. I check out every one! And have learned so much!
Captain Tim

Austin Moon
10 months ago
Reply to  Tim Sellers

Thank you so much Tim!!

Gary Weisfeld
10 months ago

Joe I absolutely do and I know many have become members —You, Luke and your team do a fanatic job teaching us and your products are great ! In fact I just ordered for my brother- in – law birthday —F.R.E.D lure, New-slam shady shrimp and jig heads – Gold Digger Paddle tails and jig heads and 3 scissors  

Austin Moon
10 months ago
Reply to  Gary Weisfeld

Thank you so much Gary!! I bet your brother in law is going to be so happy!!

Richard Fiorentino
10 months ago

Paying $97 a year to belong to SS is a joke. If you get just 2 hours of entertainment from it a month it is a bargain. Cheaper than going to the movies once a week to see some perverted Hollywood propaganda, or a subscription to the NY Times and their fake news.

Austin Moon
10 months ago

I love it!! Thank you so much Richard, we appreciate you!!

Chuck Phillippi
10 months ago

This is our “Ikigai”. This is why I’m here, since 2016…#saltstrong4life. Keep up the great work.

Austin Moon
10 months ago

Thank you so much Charles!!! We are happy to have you and so glad you are enjoying the club!!

Jack Dickerson
10 months ago

The Insider Community has helped me in 2 ways. 1st I have had many questions answered. 2nd the part I like most is when someone else has a question I get the opportunity to help someone else. The Insider Community is also one of the best education resources just reading post.

Austin Moon
10 months ago
Reply to  Jack Dickerson

I love it!! Thank you so much Jack!!

Mark Ethridge
10 months ago

This is a great video, It hit on so many of the reasons of why just after a few months as regular member I made the decision to be a life member. So much information is shared everyday in the community.

Austin Moon
10 months ago
Reply to  Mark Ethridge

Thank you so much Mark!! We appreciate you and are so happy you are enjoying the club!!


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