Trolling For Striped Bass With Capt. Joey Leggio


On tonight’s live stream, we’ll be talking all things Trolling for Striped Bass Fishing with Capt. Joey Leggio!

We’re so excited to bring him on the show.

Check it out below!!

Trolling For Striped Bass With Capt. Joey Leggio [VIDEO]

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In this episode, we are joined by Capt. Joey Leggio to dive deep into the gear and tactics for successful trolling of striped bass.

Capt. Leggio fishes in New York waters and has a reputation as a great coach for targeting multiple species.

For those down south, this is such an awesome opportunity to learn about a new fishery and you might even pick up on a tip you can apply to your local waters.

We hope you enjoy it!!

What other topics do you want to see Rich and his guests talk about and discuss in detail?

Go ahead and let us know down in the comments!!

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David Hagler
2 months ago

Interesting talk on trolling. Personally I am not really interested in this type of fishing, but glad to have the insight of an experienced angler.


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