Urban Fishing: How To Fish New York Like A BOSS (Brooklyn Fishing Club)


Have you heard of the term “urban fishing”?

Growing up my entire life in Florida, my trips to big cities (like New York) were usually on vacation or business, and quite honestly, I never realized how many anglers were fishing right downtown in many of these huge cities.

But all of that changed with my recent conversation with Victor Lucia.

Victor grew up in the Brooklyn, New York area, and just like many of us, had a passion for fishing.

And today, he’s part of a really awesome movement to unite urban anglers in and around the New York area.

What started out as an idea to bring together some of Brooklyn’s finest anglers, has turned into a multi-chapter fishing club organization across New York.

They are fighting for the rights of anglers, they are helping keep cities clean, and they having a blast doing what they love.

This group of passionate “urban anglers” even chip in and do a bunch of charters together (so they’ve taken it from the streets to the boats and everywhere in between).

In this interview, we talk about the challenges to fishing in big cities like New York, turf wars, the NY snakehead invasion, and many awesome fishing stories (from one heck of a good storyteller).

You’ll definitely love this episode!

Click down below to listen in as we discuss the rise of the Brooklyn Fishing club (click here to learn more about their club including how to sign up).

I’ll also add in the YouTube videos of the club the bottom (don’t forget to follow the Brooklyn Fishing Club on Instagram here).


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The Brooklyn Fishing Club (VIDEO)

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