This Is The Best Weedless Jighead For Dock Fishing


I recently came across a super effective weedless jighead for dock fishing!

When fishing around dock pilings, it is essential to avoid snags that can lead to lost gear and lost fish.

Weedless jigheads are a way for you to safely fish docks without worrying about losing tackle.

Find out what this jighead is in the video below!!

Best Weedless Jighead For Dock Fishing [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

If you are out fishing a new dock line or you’re fishing a familiar dock with structure you are aware of, then it is only to your benefit to use a weedless jighead.

My favorite setup for weedless dock fishing is the Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail rigged on the Z-Man Weedless Eye Jighead.

This rig skips well under docks and triggers plenty of strikes.

Most importantly, this rig does not snag nearly as much as an open-hook jighead.

I typically use this jighead the first time I fish a new line of docks, and I then will switch to an exposed hook point jighead to fish those docks later after knowing which ones do and don’t have snags under them.

Moreover, the hookup ratio is not as great as other jigheads, however, the number of snags you will avoid is well worth it.

Additionally, you can get a lot more aggressive with your casts and placement with weedless setups.

There is a small barb on the Z-Man Weedless Eye Jigheads that prevent snags.

When a fish bites down on your lure, the barb opens and the hook point is exposed to bury inside the fish’s mouth.

Once you reel that fish in and release it, all you have to do is simply slide the barb back underneath the hook point and you’re ready to fish a weedless rig again.

If you haven’t picked any of these jigheads up yet, I highly recommend you do.

They are excellent not only for docks but also great for fishing in areas with thick clumps of floating grass.

Docks are advantageous fishing spots all year round but especially in the summertime!!

Do you have any questions about the best weedless jighead for dock fishing?

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Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

What are your thoughts of using the Texas eye over the Weedless eye? Would the hook up ratio be greater by skin hooking the bait versus the wire? Just wondering.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark R Johnson

I prefer this Weedless Eye for fishing docks and mangroves because it skips much better than the TX Eye. Otherwise, the TX Eye jigheads are great for when in need of being weedless in deeper water.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea I have been using those since they first came out a little before covid but they still do snag especially oysters its probably a wire issue because there is a wire that is shaped into 2 strands then makes a small loop to put the hook point in sometimes oysters get snagged between the 2 strands of wire if the weed guard was adequate like the ones on the Johnson silver minnow spoons I imagine to me there would be less snags anyways thanks for the report and all you do😉

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Thanks for sharing the helpful intel. I haven’t yet found any lure that’s able to cover oysters without getting snagged… those things are extremely good at grabbing lures:)

Corey Hudspeth
1 year ago

What would you suggest for a weedless presentation for half oz and greater? I use half oz and greater for the Savannah Jetties, but get snagged alot.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Corey Hudspeth

The TEXL jigheads are the only ones I know of that enable weedless coverage of deeper structure. Here’s a link to see them:

Gary Jarrett
1 year ago

In your film it appears that you are using the chartreuse jig head. Is this a 1/8 oz. Jig head or a 3/16 oz. Jig head as stated?I was looking to order the 3/16 in chartreuse but the only size availed shows 1/8 0z. In the chartreuse. Thanks.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Jarrett

I had a 3/16th oz when filming that video simply because I couldn’t find a pearl eye in that size which is what I normally use.

After trying various color eyes, I haven’t seen any evidence that the eye color matters to the fish, so I just use it to help organize my tackle.

Gary Jarrett
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

So you feel that if I wanted the 3/16 Z-Man Weedless Eye Jighead,that any color would be as effective?if so I will order the pearl when they are back in stock. Thanks

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Jarrett

Yes. The small color of the eyes is not going to be something that’ll be a driving factor in generating strikes… if the fish were examining the lure that closely, they’d of course see the big hook and wire sticking out of the lure and spook off.

1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Got ya. Thanks for the fishing lesson. Any idea when the 3/16 oz weedless jigheads will be back in?Tight lines.


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