[Fishing Reel Review] Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel


It’s review time!

Do you need a new spinning reel for inshore fishing?

You might want to consider the Quantum Smoke S3.

I’ve been using it these past couple of months and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

For my top few pros and cons, watch the video below.


Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel Review [VIDEO]

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Have you used this reel?

What did you think?

Let me know in the comments below!


Hope this review was helpful!

For an inshore fisherman who throws a lot of artificial lures and does not have a very tight budget, this reel would be a good choice.

You can get this reel on Amazon here.

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AJ Smith
3 years ago

I own both the 25 and 40 sizes in the older model, and I think they are great reels. I have been impressed with the smooth drag which can handle long runs from powerful fish. I have hooked up with and successfully landed fish that were much larger than I was targetting with both sizes of reel.

Several years ago, I caught a 20 lb, 42″ king mackerel on the 40 size which made several hard runs, pulling 150 yards of line off the reel. Throughout the process, the reel held strong and I was able to land the fish.

Recently, I caught a 35″ redfish on the 25 size reel. I had the reel spooled with 10 lb line so the drag was set rather light. That fish towed me around in my kayak two hours. But the reel performed flawlessly throughout the fight.

The reels performed well in both of these circumstances, even though it was theoretically undermatched to the task at hand.

3 years ago

I have this reel and wade fish with it, dunked it a couple times (happens out there) it gets wet everyday and it still is ridiculously smooth! It is hands down the most solid built reel I’ve ever used! 2 ???????? up

Tim Benson
4 years ago

I have the prior model Smoke 2500 and 3000. Both great reels that have held up well for 3 years. The bail wire broke on my 3000 and Quantum replaced it very quickly. So I give a thumbs up for service also.

austin law
4 years ago

I currently use the smoke 40’s with the blue handle, the previous model. one is on my primary rod that I use about 12 hours a week for the last year and a half, I dont care for it perfectly and it has been dunked, it still works great and is just now in need of a bearing. Hands down my favorite reel. If I were to buy again I would downsize to the 30 or 25, they both hold more than enough line, have enough drag and are lighter. I got a few of them when I saw them online at a tackle store out of state for 90$. in the under $150 class it is in my opinion a tough contender for first place, my father has a fuego and comparatively the smoke seems just better built when I use it. I bought a reel for a buddy for christmas, he fishes a solid 3 days a week and he agreed that it was his favorite reel under 200$. But when he just re upped his tackle supply he put a stradic ci4 on it and that feels absolutely amazing, but it is just above $200. In conclusion, if you can get this reel at a bargain I highly recommend it! Im sure that this newer model is even better! but if youre paying the full price, maybe consider the shimano ci4. and again, under 100 its hard to beat the fuego. The best advice i have been given about reel selection though, is to take your rod into the shop and see what it feels like on your rod, sometimes the best reel on paper just doesnt feel right, and youre the one that has to hold it all day.

Gary Scalf
4 years ago

I have 3 Quantum Smoke PT 50 and I love all the things you said about this reel. I use them for Stripers in the 30 lb. class in Tennesee River. The biggest problem I have had with the reels is this: If i get hung up in the rocks fishing a 2 oz. bucktail with 30 lb. braid and think its a hit from a Striper and set the hook the anti-reverse will not hold up to the 30 lb. braid. This has happened to me so many times on all my Quantum PT Smoke 50 and my friends reels also. This is so sad because I love everything else about this reel. But Luke, i have had to take my reels to the shop for repair so many times it is not fun. The man who does my repairs for my Rods and Reels says “you have a 5000 series reel with the insides of a 3000 series reel” It is so sad that Quantum couldn’t have fixed such a basic problem, they should have had a “Recall” on their product. You would think for $189.00 they would have the integrity to do so. If it wasn’t for that this problem, this reel would be Jam Up. Thanks for the review Luke I love the reel but hate the anti- reverse problems.

Jack Hood
4 years ago

Great review. I’ve been using these reels for several years.
Strangely enough I use the 5000 series. I find that with light drag it fishes like a much smaller reel and if needed a littl more and you have a larger reel still light enough to use all day. Makes sense to me since I usually fish fro a kayak and only want to bring 1 or 2 rods at most. Jury is still out on the smoke rod. Something about the tip action?? Still a very strong rod. Maybe I need to use 10 lb line. Currently using 20 lb PowerPro?

Jason Mcpherson
4 years ago

Have been using them for several years now. They really hold up well. I have landed multiple 35″ snook using the 2500 series.
Price is up there but if they make it past 2 years with no issues i say money well spent.
My next reel will be from florida fishing products just to give them a try. Price point about the same.

4 years ago

I have 4 of these reels and love them! They are a bit pricey but have held up better than any other reel I have had. Case in point, my daughter and I went kayak fishing and by a fluke ended up tipping the kayak and dumping all our gear which included 3 of my smokes and one penn spinfisher v. Well once we got home I clear all the reels, greased them and still have problems with the penn spinfisher v. The only negative I have is that on two of my smokes I had to replace the clicker spring , not a big deal just a minor negative.

Matt Notarangelo
4 years ago

I own 3 smoke reels and think they are very well built. Haven’t found any negatives yet.

Frank Santana
4 years ago

Thank you for the review !!! I’m in search of a new reel and the review will help in my decision.


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