New Plano Tackle Bag Review [Top Pros & Cons]

By: Luke Simonds on May 7, 2019
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plano tackle bag box

It’s double review time!

I’ve had my tackle bag for about four years and it’s served me very well.

However, I recently had to retire it and get it a new one.

In this review, I’m reviewing both my old and my new Plano tackle bags.

And since we’re not affiliated with Plano or any other company, you can be sure that this is a completely unbiased review.


Plano Tackle Bag Review [VIDEO]

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After four years and lots of time spent on the water, I’m definitely sticking with Plano tackle bags.


plano tackle box bag review

Have you used either of these tackle bags?

What are your thoughts?

Let me know down in the comments below!

And if you know someone who’s trying to decide on which tackle bag to get, please share this with them!

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Keith Donald

I’ve discovered a unexpected issue with this bag–the coating of the outer material appears to disintegrate when it comes in contact with my insect repellant (Captain Ron’s, one of the natural oil-based repellants). Whatever chemical reaction is happening turns the material from the blue/grey to a faded white, and changes the texture as well. Something to be aware of–I noticed this when some repellant leaked out into a side pocket. — Keith

Roger Bonifield

I wish I had seen this review before I purchased my new bag. Great bag, but no hard bottom. Also, if you want to keep ;using your old bag as back up, try some large, office size, brightly colored, vinyl coated paper clips through the old zipper head loop. They hold up well, and if they do go bad, change them

Michael Coons

Love the new one. No zippers!

Nick Strickland

I rub the zippers with soft paraffin wax then lightly heat it with a lighter to seep in. Makes the zippers work smoothly and adds a bit of waterproofing.

Mark Guilbert

I used the price match at west marine also. I really enjoy the bag, lots of room, easy to access, but like it was mentioned, the sides leak water. The bottom is amazing. It doesn’t budge at 40 mph up on the bow of a bay boat. Definitely get the water proof trays. Ones provided are cheap.

Toby Frey

Wire Ties work great to replace broken zipper tabs…

Some one made a comment about Plano…They have a GREAT Customer Service Dept…contact them directly….

Thomas Moran

I used zip ties recently, they are sturdy and cheap and rank almost up there with duct tape or WD40 for their versatile ability to fix things. But often it’s not the tabs, it’s the rest of the zipper that just pulls apart. Somebody should post a youtube “how to” on fixing zippers for the frugal among us!


I was checking out the same bag in the 3700 series
It will hold 7 trays or 6 trays and soft plastic binder on the top. West marine said they would match Amazon on that bag.

Robert E. Rankl
Robert E. Rankl

I came across this at COSTCO. A Plano 3700 with 3 stowaways, hat & buff for $59.99.
It even has a top entry zipper closure and a hard bottom. Do I go for it???

George Edwards

I bought one of the older Plano tackle bags, just like the one in your picture. A zipper broke before I could get it loaded, and Bass Pro wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t their house brand. No more Plano for me!

James Doyel

I got the spiderwire backpack for $10-15 more than this bag and it’s amazing. I suggest everybody give it a shot and you won’t regret it!!! You should review one Luke!!!

Marko Rodriguez

Agreed, after many times beach fishing, I find small backpacks provide more maneuverability and easier to keep away from sand. It’s also makes it easier to carry when you have other equipment as well – nets, live bait, etc..

David Caldwell

I have had mine for a year. I was also concerned about the water getting in the sides but I am very happy with it. The carry handle, needed to get used to it. No issue with it so far , plus if it gets wet, I consider it time to clean it out anyway. Starting to really like the no zipper thing. I use it for soft plastics and jig heads and swim bait hooks only. No problem.

Brent Brown

I will give this one a look. My current bag has zippers and is a pain in the butt. I’ve been spraying silicone on them recently but would like to get something else.

Greg Zak

Luke thanks for the review. I’ve had a number of tackle bags over the years. The problem I’ve always encounter is the zipper. Being in the salt water environment and just the elements in general tends to do a number on the zippers over time. Therefore, I was happy whenever Plano came out with this bag. I bought one about a year ago and I love it. NO MORE ZIPPERS to fail on me. At the time I bought mine they only had the orange color which I’m not a fan of but I didn’t care. I was tired of buying tackle boxes and only getting a few years out of them before the zippers failed. So I bought this tackle bag in the orange color and I’ve been very happy. Thanks for your honest opinion.

Mike Teague
Mike Teague

Just my opinion here but I don’t care for Plano softsiders. The radius on the corners of the zippers are too tight and when they’re filled with boxes (that are designed for the tackle bag btw) it is wat too tight of a squeeze. The zippers on every one of them I’ve owned has froze up and broke. I’ve bought cheaper brands (okeechobee for instance) that have faired far better. When filled, there is still wiggle room where the zippers don’t feel tight, and have never frozen up. A larger zipper with an ever so slightly larger capacity would take care of the issue but I guess that would cost them a couple extra cents to make, cutting into their bottom line, is the only explanation I can figure as to why the issue hasn’t been addressed.

John Ireland

Best zipper tab replacement I’ve found is the small 4 inch black electrical ties.


Great video about tackle boxes. I know you probably know how to fix those zippers on your old tackle box, what use is a big paper clip run thru the hole an take piece of duct tape rapped around it so it don’t come off. Again great video

Mark R Johnson

I’ve had those zipper pulls break as well. I just take a plastic wire tie put it through the opening in the zipper, pass the tag end through the wire tie to create a loop size of my choice, cut the excess off and now I can use the zipper again without throwing something away that is still in reasonably good shape . Cabala’s make a nice hard bottom soft tackle bag that’s relatively inexpensive as well. The green ones come in a variety of sizes and have nice heavy duty zippers. Never had a problem.

Christopher Baca

I have the same Plano Tackle Bag and I love this Bag. It has room for everything and then some. I also purchased the Roll-Up Bag for Soft Plastics. I really like the Non Skid on the bottom of the Bag. I have a small Center Console so space is at a premium. I would highly recommend this Bag. When it gets dirty you can just empty it out and wash it with soap and water and your good to go. Thumbs up from this fisherman.

John Schaich
John Schaich

I have had the Zipper pulls break on a number of bags I have owned but I just replace the pulls with small tie raps. Just leave a loop large enough for your finger to fit in.

Doug Spears

Luke, I have the new Z series and really like it a lot. I’m amazed that your old Plano with the zippers held up like it did. I, frankly, never got more than a year out of a zippered bag before, Plano or other, without the actual zipper, not the tabs (Hell, i’d’ve put zip ties in that!), completely failing. The Z series stays in my front hatch of my boat (no severe exposure) so the standard trays work fine for me. However, I really like your upgrade to the water tight trays. I’m only 4-5 months in, but I think I’m good to go for quite a while.


Luke, like you I also love my old Plano 3600 zipper bag (even older than yours I think), so much so that I keep using it despite the broken and corroded zippers, ha. I’ve looked at many bags but the old 3600 is just right. So I feel for ya. Also, what you pointed out about the new 3600 I think is a legitimate concern. I also wish there was only one buckle for faster easier access, easier when you only have one hand free. Keep up the great work there. Thank you!

Joseph Gill

Luke, bought a Plano Z Series 3600 bag last year. In red/orange. Great bag. Easy access and lots of space. But you are correct on one issue. The top of the flaps do not cover the sides, so there are water seepage problems. Not bad ones but something to keep in mind. The water proof trays are a must. I researched this one as I have a Hobie PA 14 and this fits perfectly in the H Crate behind the seat.

Henry Hagan

Thanks Luke. I love Plano soft too! No zipper pulls to corrode is a great step up. But you are correct, they leak through the top!! In rain or spray from heavy chop the tops are like water magnets catching the water and then letting it drip into the bag. Plano needs to redesign their pull over top so that it has a 1.5 to 2″ overhang on both sides to fix the problem. Standing by, waiting for them to make the fix. Hurry up Plano!