Uncomplicated Weighted Hook Rigging Hack


Here’s a quick and uncomplicated weighted hook rigging hack!

The placement of the weight on any of your fishing rigs is important and has a major impact on the action of your offering.

Check out the video below to learn more about this hack!!

Weighted Hook Rigging Hack [VIDEO]

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For this demonstration, I am using a Hoss Helix Hook but this will work with any weighted hook that has the weight on the shank of the hook.

In short, this hack is to move the weight on the hook shank to change the action of your presentations.

Changing the location of the weight gives you a bit more control of the lure depth.

If the weight is more forward and closer to the eye of the hook, your offerings will fall quicker to the bottom.

This is useful if you are fishing in heavy current or windy conditions and you need to cut through quick to drop down below.

If the weight is pushed further back on the hook shank, it causes your lure to flutter and float back down to the bottom.

The location of the weight on the hook shank impacts the overall presentation.

Moreover, you can adjust the weight along the hook shank yourself!

All you need is a pair of pliers.

Pinch down on the weight and LIGHTLY twist the weight to loosen it just a bit.

Then once the weight is free, you can adjust it to your preference.

When the weight is where you want it, squeeze down on the weight the same way you would a split shot weight.


intro to hoss helix hooks

The desired presentation you want to get out of a lure will determine which way you should move the weight.

Especially during the fall and winter, where your lure sits in the water column has a huge impact on your success.

Do you have other questions about this weighted hook rigging hack?

Let me know what you think and if you know of any other weighted hook hacks in the comments!!

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Ted Thilly
6 months ago

Great tip for fresh and salt water

Joe Geis
6 months ago

Good tip Tony. Thanks!

Jack Powell
6 months ago

Thanks for the top. I’ll be sure to try it and let you know how I did.

michael bandera
6 months ago

You mentioned where the lure sits in the water column is important. Can you please expand on that and give specific examples or references to other videos on lure depth tactics.

chase matott
6 months ago

thank you

LaWane Mezulic
6 months ago

Thanks for the info Tony, can’t wait to try it!

Matt Lanier
6 months ago

Solid info Tony!

Andy Hong
6 months ago

Great tip! I love your hack videos, Tony. They’re always so useful.

Sotirios Kolofotias
6 months ago

Isn’t approved my question?

Bernardo Melendez
6 months ago

What’s to stop you from using a different type or brand of hook and simply crimp a split shot to it where you want it? Lead is lead, right?

6 months ago

I do that all the time. Works great


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