Where, When, & How To Use Crab Lures [Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Lesson]

Crabs and crustaceans are a huge part of inshore saltwater fish diets but not many anglers know how to use crab lures!

Redfish, seatrout, snook, sheepshead, and more turn to a crustacean-based diet when finfish are a bit scarcer.

However, there are slight nuances and things you would do differently when fishing with a crab lure versus paddletails and swimbaits.

This lesson is all about where, when, and how to use the Z-Man Kicker CrabZ crab-imitation lure.

Take a look!!

Where, When, & How To Use Crab Lures [VIDEO]

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Lesson Breakdown:

  • 1:19 – WHAT are Z-Man Kicker CrabZ?
  • 2:57 – WHEN & WHERE you would want to use Z-Man Kicker CrabZ
  • 4:45 – HOW to rig Z-Man Kicker CrabZ
  • 12:03 – Pros & Cons of Crab Lures

Tackle & Gear:

Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

The Z-Man Kicker CrabZ lures are crab imitation baits designed to mimic the arm of a crab.

There are small appendages all over the lure to mimic that of a crab.

Also, it is made using Z-Man’s ElaZtech plastic lure material.

These lures won best in their category at iCast 2022 and were considered the best introductory NEW soft plastic lure at the event.

➡ Learn more about Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

These lures are especially effective when you need to work close to the bottom and maintain finesse properties.

Moreover, the ElaZtech material is very durable and stretchy enabling you to catch a bunch of fish on the same lure without it tearing.

A Z-Man Kicker CrabZ lure can be used anytime, anywhere.

Crabs are present year-round which makes this a year-round lure.

However, the way you work and retrieve the lure will depend on the time of year along with rigging techniques.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything else to add, please let me know in the comments section below!!

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Ron Baran
18 days ago

Great presentation! I knew i bought them Texas Eye Jigs for a reason, haha. Gonna definitely get one in the water next trip out. Tight Lines Brother!!!

Arto Van grondelle
1 month ago

awesome. I think i’m gonna try them also as a lure to throw under mangrove edges! 👍

Angelo Durso
2 months ago

thanks Matt, I hadn’t given this lure ample attention even though crabs are a preferred crustacean for our fish here in the lowcountry. I’ve got a few bags and will give ’em a hard workout this spring. enjoy your week!

Joe Davis
2 months ago

Matt – it definitely worked for me last weekend. Saw a tailing red and spent time sneaking up within safe casting distance- no interest in the paddletail but as soonas I slow walked the kicker crab by him he smacked it. 26” red.

Jeff Kritzman
2 months ago

Thanks for a great video

2 months ago

Great video Matt!! Thanks for the info! Going to need a few of those as well.

Lou Irwin
2 months ago

Great presentation on the kicker crabz Matt. All of you coaches give us so much knowledge, both from the field tests, and the science associated with each product, that we can’t help to be more succesful on the water. Thanks so much for all y’all do to give us more advantages doing what we love to do. Keep up the great work!

Edward Wagner
2 months ago

Got my kicker crabs last week… can’t wait to try them

Andrew Sanchez
2 months ago

Great presentation Matt thank you very much my son and I went fishing today with the kicker crab caught some nice red fish And a nice doormat flounder

Aaron carroll
2 months ago

I use zman finesse bulletz to rigbwith. Works pretty well


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