Why Does God Let People And Things We Love, Die?

By: Joseph Simonds on February 2, 2020
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god letting people die

I have a confession to make…

I’ve been angry with God in the past.

In fact, it’s happened more than once.

Looking back, I realize how silly I was behaving…

I just couldn’t understand why certain “negative” things were happening in my life…

I didn’t think it was fair…

I felt like I was being punished…

And then when a loved one is taken away from us here on Earth too early…

Why God, why?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Understanding why a God who is supposed to be loving, yet takes away things we love is certainly one of the toughest things to comprehend in life.

So in this week’s Unchurched, pastor Johnny Kelly and I will tackle this tough topic.

Definitely listen until the end (it gets really powerful).

Why God Let’s People & Things We Love, Die [VIDEO]

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Why God Let’s People & Things We Love, Die [PODCAST]


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Aaron Dean

Joe I’ll admit I didn’t have time to listen to the post bit it’s a common and fair question we have all asked. It comes up often in pastoral ministry. We must start with the fact that God did create a world without sin until Adam and Eves fall. In fact since that time the Bible is the entire story of God’s covenant love redeeming a people for himself. But I think the real fear is that either God is not in control or that he doesn’t truly care or love us.. The reality is we must look at the cross where the God of the universe gave up his one and only son to redeem a sinful people. And out of that seemingly horrible day of Christ’s death the greatest joy ever known to man was accomplished the forgiveness of our sin. So God offering His one and only son means the death or suffering in our lives cannot mean that God doesn’t love us for the son was loved. Further the Bible makes it clear in Romans that God uses all things for our good to conform us in the image of Christ.
“Our bad things turn out for our good, Are good things cannot be lost. And the best things are yet to come” – Jonathan Edwards
Salt Stong member , follower of Jesus, insurance broker turned vocational ministry . -Aaron


Please be encouraged and continue to add this feature to your communication pages. There are MANY fishermen connected now to Salt Strong, and I would imagine that most of these friends are unchurched. I would want them to engage with this portion of Salt Strong … so let me suggest that you post seven-minute segments … not 39 minute long segments (which is too long for this venue). We want our friends to watch these and help them wrestle with the most important issues of their life, that is, “where are they going to spend eternity?” OK, that is my two-cents. I’d love to do some of these segments. So many men need them. Some suggested topics: “If God is Good, Why is there Suffering & Pain?”; “How do I know if the Bible is True?”; “Growing Great Kids in a Terrible World”; “How Can I Make My Marriage Stronger?”; “Why am I here?”; “God is Fishing for You”; “How You Can Fish for Fish & Men at the Same Time”; etc. I am one of those who desire the very best for my “fishing friends”.

Joe Aiello

In the fall of 2006 my oldest sister died. Then in the next 19 months my other 3 siblings also passed away. I know that God is sovereign but I was confused , not angry, as to why my entire family had passed away in such a short time.
One thought that gave me comfort was that just as God populates the earth He also populates Heaven. He does it though with people that we care about.

That thought and knowing the fact that he has a place prepared for me as well was settling.