Why LURES Trump LIVE BAIT In This Upcoming Spring Season

We’re getting VERY CLOSE to springtime!!!

The fish are already showing signs of spring and are on the move.

So today’s discussion is all about spring tactics and really knowing where the best places are to find hungry, inshore fish.

Take a look!!

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Why LURES Trump LIVE BAIT This Spring [VIDEO]

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Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

1. Weekend Game Plans (updated weekly)

These regional game plans will show you exactly what types of spots to target in under 10 minutes… just click the video to start, and you’ll be informed on what to do on your next trip.

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2. Smart Fishing Spots Platform (updated every 15 minutes)

This exclusive software literally shows you where the most fish are likely to be feeding based on exactly when you’ll be fishing. It factors in the tides, wind, and weather to help you quickly see which areas to target throughout the day.

➡ Smart Fishing Spots App

3. Community Reports (live feed)

The Insider Community platform is what you can use to see what is biting near you, and you can get to know other members who fish in your area. Plus, you can use it to keep a log of your catches so you can use past trips to help predict future catches.

➡ Community Platform 

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Angelo Durso
11 months ago

2 years ago I used live bait 100% of the time but dedicated last year to learning to fish with artificial lures, & I now use them 90% of the time; doubt I’ll ever modify this except for some very select situations. I’m not overstating it but the Power Prawn+Dr Juice matches up extraordinarily well with live shrimp. thanks for this big adjustment to my fishing knowledge and style, it’s added so much more flexibility and productivity to my days on the water.

Stuart Simon
11 months ago

I wish there was a 90-10 rule for shore bound fishermen. Some kind of war plan l could use to go from place to another place,or some kind of plan ( I go to a pier ,dock small beach and I cast my lures for a few hrs in each spot casting every way I,m supposed to and get very few results) I guess I just love to cast and retrieve and hope for the best. Sorry just a old guy venting ,love salt strong.

Luke Simonds
11 months ago
Reply to  Stuart Simon

Make sure to watch the recent spot dissection that shows tips on how to put together that sort of game plan for shore fishing because it shows exactly what you described. Here’s a link to it: https://www.saltstrong.com/fishing-tip/land-based-spots-to-target-redfish-seatrout-snook-flounder/

Steven Free
11 months ago

You guys know your stuff that’s for sure if I’m explaining to anyone about the advantages of using lures I usually tell them that with lures your finding the fish better with bait its kinda like deer hunting you find a spot where the deer have been traveling through and you pick a spot and wait it out same as bait fishing find a creekmouth on an outgoing tide anchor throw your bait out and wait for something to strike where as lures you fish areas for certain period of time if no luck you move at least I do only speaking for myself I’m always on the move working points grasslines oyster mounds until I find the fish plus the way I see it it’s more fun to catch a fish on something artificial because you gave the bait the action with how you rig it and your presentation my father tried teaching about using night crawlers and crawdads for smallmouth bass in mich and shiners for northern pike then I watched some pro bass anglers fishing lures in some of the small tournaments that sometimes were held on the lake where we lived and I started talking and learned how to fish the original curly tail lures tge mister twister ( this was many years in the 70s that is before any paddletail plastic lure was invented) but I slowly learned fishing jigs then crankbaits plastic worms and one of my favorites that I still use only without the skirt and instead of freshwater bass and pike it’s for reds and flounder but the spinnerbait in fact I also sometimes tell people if your good at catching freshwater bass on lures a lot of the same techniques and tactics work in the inshore brine as well fresh and salt both use structure bait has to be present and obviously the 90 10 zone has to be applied as well thanks for the great update guys hopefully soon you will have someone do the northeast fl region for the weekend report considering its been 2vweeks now without one did you guys loose Richard Thomas? he was the guy that did our region anyways thanks for the info and all you do🤔👍😉


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