2 Reasons To Use Mono Backing With Braided Line


Braided line has a ton of benefits, including increased casting distance, thinner diameter, it’s stronger than mono of the same test, and it allows you to feel every nibble and twitch of your bait or lure.

However, here’s one drawback to using braid: it’s complicated to put on a spinning reel.

If you use normal monofilament, you can just fill your reel right up with it, but if you use braid, you need to put a base layer of monofilament on the reel beforehand.

This is called mono backing, and it could save you from losing the biggest fish of your life.

Check out the video below to see the two reasons why you should use mono backing with braided line, as well as the two common misconceptions about alternatives to mono backing.

Why You Should Use Mono Backing [VIDEO]

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If you put braided line right onto your spinning reel, you could risk get spooled and wasting money, but a base of standard monofilament line can stop that.

Here’s why you should put mono backing on your spinning reel when using braided line:

Reason #1: Braided line has the tendency to free-spin on a spool.

Braid is so slick and thin that if you get a big fish on, your entire spool of braid might start spinning freely.

You’ll know this is happening to you if you notice line peeling off your reel, but even when you tighten down your drag all the way it still doesn’t stop the fish.

Monofilament, on the other hand, grips into the arbor (the center of the spool) and will not freely spin.

I like to use monofilament here over fluorocarbon because it’s softer, so it will grip the arbor better, plus it’s cheaper.

And here’s another note about braided line free-spinning: even if a spool says it’s braid-ready, it usually isn’t.

These reels usually have a band stuck to the arbor that the braid can dig into, but when saltwater gets to the band, the adhesive will usually break down and allow the reel to free-spin anyway.

The same thing can happen if you put tape on the arbor for the braid to dig into.

Reason #2: Monofilament acts as a cheap filler.

Braid is expensive, and most reels need a few hundred yards of line to properly fill them.

Most braided lines come in 150-yd spools, which won’t fill a 3000 series reel, so 100-150 yards of mono backing will help fill it.

If you don’t fill your reel with line, you’ll lose a lot of casting distance because the gap between the top of the spool and the line will cause friction as it’s leaving the reel.


spool spinning reel

Putting a base of monofilament backing on your reel can help prevent your reel from free-spinning and save you money.

Check out this article to learn how to spool your reel.

Have any questions about mono backing?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who ties their braid directly to the arbor, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Charles Buzzetti
2 months ago

Hi I am getting ready to load up a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 2 speed for tuna fishing. My plan is to use 300 yds of 50lb braid with a backing. It sounds like mono is the best backing. Should I use a 50 lb mono? And being this deep in the reel is a uni to uni fine?

Bruce Raiken
8 months ago

Anything harmful in spooling up some backing and 30# braid to throw the 2 smaller sized whopper ploppers (the 75 – 9/16oz & 90 – 1/2 oz.) on a 4000 sized shimano stratic Ci4+ ? Could probably get away with 20# but would feel safer in not losing the lure with 30# braid, which b/o diameter is mono equiv. of only 8#. Considering a mono leader mainly as a hedge against the thin braid fouling in the front treble hook. Plan on throwing over and aside vegetation. I’ll be throwing the larger Ploppers 110 & 130 on casting equipment, but am still more accurate with spinning so that’s why I’d like to throw the smaller ones on spinning on a MH spinning rod, rated to 3/4 oz.

Sean Troyer
8 months ago

Is it necessary to put backing on a spinning reel if your using braid?

Brian Wilkins
10 months ago

If lets say a 7′ MF spinning rod says 6-12 lb test required on rod. Can I use, lets say 15# braid. Would hat be exceeding the 12# rod max?

Daniel Sarette
11 months ago

I would think that using at least the same size mono as you braid would be safer if you’re surf fishing or on a offshore boat rod set-up, because there is a greater chance of having a larger stronger fish on that could take you well into the backing. In which case I wouldn’t want to be fighting it on 10 15,or 20lb mono..

1 year ago

Can used mono line be used as a backer for new braided line?

1 year ago

Can used mono be used ker for new BRAID LINE?as a bac

1 year ago

Another thing to note, with a full spool of braid the line that doesnt get used has a hard time drying and can rot out. Great article!

stephen hunn
6 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

generally we fish saltwater with 65 braid for stripers and jigging and 80 braid for tuna casting. What mono should I use for that, I want it strong enough if the braid runs out. Also what knot to connect? FG knot?

Reymund Mabalot
1 year ago

What pound test mono should I use with 40lb braid? Spooling a 6k reel.

Matt Foraker
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Would this be about the same with 30lb braid?

1 year ago

I would recommend tackle advisors alberto knot no tags because with me being cheap and using Double uni knots i would lose a lot of casting distance from the line catching on the tags and if a fish gets that far the line could catch on the tags and make a mess and you probably would loose the fish


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