Why We’re Raising Prices (SIGNIFICANTLY) For The First Time In 8 Years…

Here’s why we’re raising prices for the FIRST time in 8 years…

We just hit 50,000 Insider Members and our next goal is to hit 100,000 Insider Members.

The best way to do that is to raise prices so we can better serve our beloved Insiders.

Get the full scoop in the video below!!

Why We’re Raising Prices [VIDEO]

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Luke and I had mainly fished freshwater bass for most of our fishing lives until we decided to dip our toes into the saltwater world.

Long story short, it was super frustrating at first.

We weren’t catching as many fish as we were used to and we couldn’t find one place with reliable information on how to improve.

Let’s face it, you can have the nicest, most expensive equipment in the world, but it’s all about trends.

If you’re in the WRONG area with no fish, you won’t catch anything.

That’s how we wanted to build the club.

How can we help inconsistent anglers looking to improve their skills while catching the most fish in the time they have on the water?

Plus, knowing what products to buy and what to stay away from.

It’s all about knowing fish behavior and being able to predict their locations based on conditions and trends.

The Salt Strong Insider Club is all about helping you find the fish.

We do this through our Smart Fishing Spots App, expansive library of Mastery Fishing Courses, and unrivaled tackle discounts.

As mentioned earlier, we just hit 50,000 Insider Members in the Club.

We have never raised our prices in the 8 years of Salt Strong.

But, we are planning HUGE initiatives to bring the entire Club to the next level.

With that said, we’re raising prices up over 50% from the current rate.

But this won’t start until June 1st, 2024.

You have until May 31st at midnight to lock in your Insider Membership at the current rate BEFORE prices go up on June 1st.

This will lock you into the LOWEST ever rate FOR LIFE.

If you sign up right here, right now – you are locked into that rate FOR LIFE.

You will save TIME and MONEY while catching MORE fish in the process.

That’s our guarantee.

Even as we increase prices later on down the road, you will ALWAYS be locked into the same low rate as when you came into the Club.

➡ Lock in the All-Time LOWEST Rate to become a Salt Strong Insider Member

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Rodney Hinson
8 days ago

Is there a promotion for lifetime memberships also or is this for annual memberships only?

Gabriel Adam
18 days ago

Worth every penny. I would not be able to enjoy my time out on the water without the knowledge I have gained from Salt Strong. Thanks y’all.

Mel Bledsoe
21 days ago

I grew up in the midwest and never fished salt water. I moved to NW FL. and had no clue, but after catching my first red I was hooked. Bought the wrong equipment, lures, and was getting skunked most of the time. Found Salt Strong about 5 years ago and now I rarely get skunked. It takes knowledge and this club gives you tons of it. If you are on the fence, just go for it, I have no regrets. KNOWLEDGE, discounts, good people, best decision I made.
Thanks to Joe,Luke and everyone at SS.

Brett Harris
23 days ago

So if we are already a member we are locked in at that rate?

Brad Byers
21 days ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

That is great news!!! You guys and this site are amazing and has truly help a lot of weekend fishers catch more fish and have more fun on the water.

John Long
24 days ago

I’ve been a member for several years and I’m not on the water near as much as I’d like to be. That makes the coaches, lessons, and community that much more valuable to me. I’d truly pay double to get to stay in the club!

frank marinucci
25 days ago


Understand having to raise rates. I’ve been an Insider member for 4 years and even my wife agrees it’s the best money I spend on fishing…. I gained more knowledge “experience” in the first six months of reading and listening to all the educational material than I would have in six years on the water…. It’s a great community. If people are on the fence about joining, just remember, it is a money back guarantee….if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money. You can’t beat this.

Thanks again,

Luke Simonds
24 days ago

Thanks so much for making time to post this nice comment Frank!


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