Winter Wading Super Slam [Fishing Report]


Have you ever caught a winter wading super slam before?

What are the advantages of wade fishing during the wintertime?

If you want to catch more fish when wading this winter, then check out this awesome on-the-water footage from a recent wade fishing trip!

Take a look here!!

Winter Wading Super Slam [VIDEO]

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If you happen to fish in areas with high salinity, take note of the slicks that form along the surface as a result of bait activity.

The oil from all of the schools of baitfish rises to the surface because the water is so dense.

This gives you a fast little report on where the fish are.

Slicks will pop up fast and frequently in areas with high salinity so it is important to keep your eyes peeled for when they show.

Erratic retrieves such as the twitch-twitch-pause method are best for working these types of areas.


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