How To Keep Your Z-Man Lures In Place With These 2 Simple Hacks


Are you having issues with keeping your Z-Man soft plastic lure on a jighead?

This seems to be common with these baits because of their super stretchy material.

But there are some simple things you can do to keep this from happening.

In this video, you’ll learn two ways to keep your lure secure!

Check it out below!

Keep Your Z-Man Soft Plastics In Place [VIDEO]

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For this demonstration I am using:

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The Superglue Method

Super glue is one way to help keep your Z-Man lure from sliding down your jighead.

But you have to be really careful here on how much glue you apply to the lure as it will destroy the plastic if you use too much.

Step 1: Put lure on the jighead just as you normally would do. If you pinch the top of the plastic, it will help you pull it over the barbs all of the way.

Step 2: Pull the lure slightly back down and apply the glue (a very small amount) between the top of the lure and the jighead.

Step 3: Push the plastic back up so that it’s flush against the jighead again.

Step 4: Hold for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Test that it is secured by pulling on the tail.

Here’s a quick tip if you are worried about the smell of the superglue:

Apply Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam fish scent to the lure to mask any glue odor!

The “Over The Eye” Method

If you don’t want to deal with superglue, another crafty option to keep your lure from sliding down the jig head is by slipping part of the lure over the actual eye of the jig head.

Step 1: Put lure on the jighead just as you normally would do.

Step 2: Get an extra hook to use as a tool. Grab the top of the plastic lure with the extra hook tip and pull it up over the eye of the jighead with the hook.

Step 3: Remove the hook tip from the plastic.

The only downfall of this method is that if you need to re-bait, you may have to cut your line since the lure is over the eye of the jighead.

The good news is that Z-Man baits last a long time!

Also, keep in mind that this only works with jigheads with an eye on the top or slightly at an angle.

The Z-Man Trout Eye jighead is another great option to use with this method.


z-man rig hack

If you are spending a lot of time adjusting your lures, then that’s less time that your lure is in the water…

And that’s where the fish are.

These are very simple and inexpensive hacks that can save you time so you can focus on catching more fish!

Do you have additional tips for keeping these baits on jigheads?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who loves to use Z-Man lures and could use this tip, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Delbert Young
3 years ago

Tony, that is a great tip! I’ve always used glue, and even after a while I’ll need to re-glue. Never seen or thought of the “over the eye” tick. I’m going tomorrow, so probably get to check it out. Hope I don’t forget… LOL.

Michael DeAgano
3 years ago

Another option would be “Death Grip Jig Heads”, their only fault is you might tear your baits should want to change colors.

John McClain
3 years ago

Great advice! I’m almost an exclusive user of Z-Man products, and frequently have problems with the plastic backing off the jig body. Thanks.

George Wyatt
3 years ago

Great tips Tony. Was it difficult to get Luke to pose for the picture on the label of the Dr. Juice bottle?

Stephen Chancey
3 years ago

Tony, I have used small zip ties to keep my plastics on the jig head. Easier than glue. 

Al Schellhorn
3 years ago

Excellent Tony — thank you. I have also run a needle and thread (black) through the plastic material between the head and the barbs. One or two and a simple knot does the trip.

Jean Long-Thomason
3 years ago

Thanks, what a great idea.

3 years ago

Awesome tip, I was having trouble keeping my slam shady all the way on my trout-eyes jig head

Bob Cornett
3 years ago

Tony, another way to keep the Zman on the jig is to take a short piece of braid and make a couple of wraps around the bait above the barn and cinch it down.

David Carrizales
3 years ago

Thank you didn’t know. will use this next time


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