How To Tie A Dropper Loop Knot The Quick & Easy Way

By: Joseph Simonds on August 23, 2017
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dropper loop knot

It’s fishing knot time again!

This time it’s all about dropper rigs.

Today, we are going to focus on the quickest way to tie the dropper loop knot and why this method is better than the traditional “Dropper Rig Knot.”

The reason this Dropper Loop Knot (using the Surgeon’s knot) is the best I’ve seen so far is three-fold:

  • The Surgeon’s loop knot I use in this dropper loop knot has proven to be stronger than any of the other knots I’ve seen anglers use to tie dropper rigs
  • The Surgeon’s loop knot is easier to tie (it’s one of the easiest fishing knots out there)
  • With a loop knot like the one I make in the video, you can change out weights or hooks without ever having to tie another knot again…

Note: Make sure to stick around until the end of the video below as I’ll show you the simple trick to change out weights and hooks without having to retie your dropper knot.


Best Way To Tie A Dropper Loop Knot

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Pretty cool way to tie a dropper rig, huh?

I haven’t found a better, stronger, or easier way than to add in the Surgeon’s knot to make a Dropper Loop knot (but I’m always looking).

Do you have any tricks you can share when it comes to making dropper rigs?

Any other fishing knots you want me to try out or put to the test?

Let me know in the comments.

Fish On!

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Richard Fiorentino
3 months ago

Hey Luke ! I use a drop shot weight and don’t even need the bottom loop.

James Burkhart
James Burkhart
2 years ago

OK for the weight, but I don’t think so for the hook with big game on the fight. The end pinch is a weak spot, i am pretty sure.

2 years ago

Where I fish this is not considered a “dropper loop”, but is a “terminal” loop and is a great way to attach sinkers. (But what’s in a name?!). In the Northeast surf casters often like to use a smaller “teaser ” lure 18″ or so above the main lure, (terminal end). The teaser is often a fly or light hook threaded with a small Fin S, Gulp Swimming Mullet, or something similar. The teaser is attached via a loop that is tied in the middle of the leader. This is what we consider a “dropper” loop. Although the surgeons knot can work for this purpose I find that if I hook a particularly tough/heavy fish on the main lure (terminal lure) that this knot can weaken the leader enough that it can break at the point at which the teaser loop is. There are other knots available to tie a dropper/teaser loop that are better in terms of not weakening the leader as much. (I think ANY knot tied in the length of leader can be a weak point so attention to drag setting is important).
Have you considered doing a one of your great knot tests to find the best loop knot to attach teasers midway through the leader?

Brother Ben
Brother Ben
2 years ago
Reply to  Fran

I second Kaczmarek’s request. Will you do some tests to find the best knot for teasers?

Rich Despault
2 years ago

If I tie this knot in the middle of a 3′ section of line, would it be a strong dropper rig with the same knot on the sinker end of the first knot tag end?