Paul Brown Soft-Dine XL VS. Fat Boy Pro


In this Paul Brown Corky Comparison, Jay Watkins Jr. is back to share when and where he prefers to use these top fishing lures.

Should you go for the Paul Brown Soft-Dine XL or the Fat Boy Pro?

Check this out!!!

Paul Brown Corky Comparison

Jay Watkins Jr. is a Texas Guide that specializes in using artificial lures and competes in some of the biggest trout fishing tournaments in Texas.

The Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro or Corky, as it is commonly known in Texas, is a popular lure used to target trophy trout.

Recently, we have also found success using the Paul Brown Soft-Dine XL.

So, we asked Jay Watkins Jr. when he prefers to use each different lure and in what types of scenarios.

Varying Conditions

The conditions and fish behavior of a given day dictate what lures to use and when.

If you are seeing bait on the surface, odds are there are predatory fish right below them looking up.

You want to present your bait where the fish’s eyes are drawn.

The fish will respond to the Corky lure and believe it is what menhaden or shad look like at this time of the year.

If you are seeing baitfish ball up on the surface, then you want to mimic that behavior and use a floating lure.

If that doesn’t work, then the fish are not interested in attacking a meal looking up.

In these situations, turn to a lure that sinks a little bit more to keep your bait in the strike zone longer.

Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro

For Jay Watkins Jr., the Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro or Corky lure is predominantly a wintertime fishing lure.

The reason is it is a larger bait compared to the size of the baitfish in the water in spring.

In the spring, there are hundreds of baitfish hatches and that leads to tons of schools of baitfish in the water.

Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro lures are great for the winter because they look like a small mullet compared to the bait out there.

Soft-Dine XL

The warmer the water gets, the better it is to use the Soft-Dine XL.

They are slightly smaller than the Fat Boy Pro lures and mimic a mullet or perch skipping across the surface.

Fish will eat mullet all year round but become pickier in the spring.

In the wintertime, fish only have so few meals to pick and choose from.

In the spring, fish can be picky because of how much bait is in the water.

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Paul Brown Corky Comparison [VIDEO]

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trout on paul brown fat boy corky

If you are ever in doubt about which lure to throw, just remember: Match The Hatch!!

The Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro and Soft-Dine XL are excellent soft-bodied suspending lures that are best used in the seasons discussed above.

Be sure to head over and get the Paul Brown Soft-Dine XL for spring right now if you haven’t already!!

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Do you have any more questions about this Paul Brown Corky Comparison?

Let us know down in the comments!


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Richard Proctor
1 year ago

It appears that we’ve stumped Wyatt. 😁

Willie Dickerson
1 year ago

Wyatt, great great information on when to use these lures.

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

I’d be curious to hear his take on the Paul Brown original.

Richard Proctor
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt. In the video Jay recommends switching to Soft Dine in Spring bc the baitfish are getting smaller in spring (Match the hatch). Makes sense, as I’ve learned that from y’all previously.

But I noticed that in the Tackle Shop, y’all only carry the Soft Dine XL, which, weight-wise, isn’t that much smaller than the Corky. Should we be looking for a Soft Dine elsewhere to go with Jay’s recommendation for a smaller profile? Thanks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard Proctor
Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt! Great information. I have wondered about the difference between the Mirrodine, Mirrominnow, PB Softdine and PB Fat Boy. Thanks to this video and others that I have watched on the Mirrodine I have a better understanding of when and how to employ these tackles. Any recommendations on the Mirrominnow?

Salt Strong! Thomas

greg lanier
1 year ago

Great tips! I totally understand it There’s only one question I have and that’s about the hooks. The in-line hooks have been greatly encouraged for angler’s to switch to for obvious reasons from the treble but I’ve noticed when talking about the Paul Browns all I see is the treble hooks in the videos so is it not recommended to use the in-line hooks on these ?? Thanks


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