How To Capture Amazing “Fish Selfies” When You Fish Alone

Want to discover the trick to taking perfect fish pictures even when fishing by yourself? This tip even gives the fish a better chance of survival. Enjoy!
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SUP Fishing With A Push Pole & Casting Platform [Sight Fishing Machine]

SUP fishing can be the ultimate one-man sight fishing machine if done properly. This post shows how to maximize your height and stealth to maximum results.
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Sight Fishing Via SUP In Tampa [Insider Report]

This trip I decided to bring my casting platform and push pole on the paddle board and was able to see tons of fish with many great sight fishing shots.
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Long Point Park In Sebastian, FL [Insider Report]

Tony Acevedo did some exploration fishing near Sebastian Inlet in Florida from Long Point Park. Found some redfish and saw some huge snook. Click to view
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Rapala Skitter Walk vs. Rapala Skitter V (Plus Underwater Footage)

Have you tried out the new Rapala Skitter V topwater lure yet? Check out the fast action on this thing. You will even see some cool underwater footage.
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Independent Review Of Inshore Fishing Rods [Best Overall & Best Value]

Want to see the results from years of testing out many fishing rods for inshore fishing? Luke shares his favorites based on value and overall performance.
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How To Catch Black Drum Using Sand Fleas [VIDEO]

Want to see the exact steps to catch consistent inshore black drum using sand fleas? Then check out this new video tutorial. Enjoy.
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Florida Fishing Products Reel Review [Osprey 3000 Analysis]

Want an independent review of Florida Fishing Company's Osprey 3000 spinning reel? This post is for you. You'll see its performance metrics vs. other reels.
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Kayak Safety Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Safe Kayaking

Want to see the ultimate kayak safety blog post? Here is your one-stop blog for everything you could even need to know about kayak safety. Enjoy!
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Tauten Line Welder Review [Strength Test Against Knots]

How does the Tauten Line Welder tool weld lines together? And how strong would such a weld be? We answer both of these questions for you in this article!
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Banana River East NMZ (Feb-17)

Tony Acevedo did some exploration fishing on the east side of the no motor zone on the Banana River and got into multiple schools of black drum and redfish.
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5 Things Anglers Regret Not Knowing When They First Start Kayak Fishing

Want to know some of the biggest mistakes kayak anglers make (and wish someone had warned them)? Then check out these 5 things to avoid.
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3 Shortcuts For Catching Spotted Seatrout In Florida

Do you want to get better at catching seatrout in Florida? This article gives the 3 most valuable shortcuts to consistently catching seatrout [click here].
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North Indian River (Feb-17)

Tony Acevedo did some exploration fishing in the North Indian River Lagoon and got into some fun redfish action and also saw some nice size snook.
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How To Stand Up In A Kayak The Simple Way [VIDEO]

Do you want to see a simple way to master the art of standing up and fishing from your kayak? Here are some of the best tips from my experience.
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