The Truth About Bobbers When Fishing These Live Baits (Pinfish, Grunts, Croakers)

Want to know the truth about using bobbers or popping corks with bottom dwelling live bait such as pinfish, grunts, and croakers? Then watch this new Insider video.
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The Best Coolers For Fishermen (2018 Edition)

Want to know the best fishing cooler for every situation? Then check out this unbiased cooler review revealing the pros and cons of many popular coolers.
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How To Fish A Spoon Like A Pro (With Capt. CA Richardson)

Want to see the exact rigging and retrieval that the pros use when fishing with a spoon? Then check out this new spoon fishing tip with Capt. CA Richardson.
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Power Pro vs. Godline Braided Fishing Line (Insider Exclusive)

Find out which braided fishing won my contest in this new Insider only product comparison video: Power Pro or Godline. Enjoy
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Trick To Finding The Top Feeding Zones In Areas With Lots Of Structure [Weekend Forecast]

Here's a spot dissection tutorial that shows how I found a slam-producing spot from a region that I've never even fished before. The reason I know it's a slam producer is because I recently mentioned it to a fellow Insider who reported back a slam caught on his first visit there.
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Insider Spot Dissection – Islands, Cuts, & Tides (Southwest Florida)

Want to see the best way to find spots in an area with tons of small islands and cuts? Then check out this new spot dissection. Tight lines!
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Snook Fishing: Tips On Catching Snook In The Summer

Want to catch more snook this summer? Then check out this latest podcast where the Salt Strong brothers share some of their best snook fishing tips for summer. Tight lines!
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4 Tricks For Rigging Live Baitfish To Maximize Your Results

This great tip will show you how to most effectively rig your live baitfish based on the conditions to maximize your results. After watching this video, you'll know when it's best to use one of the 4 rigging methods so that your bait stays in the strike zone and looks natural for getting strikes from the trophy fish.
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Successful Impromptu Fishing Trip [Insider Report]

This was an impromptu trip, as I was mainly on the water to film some tips. I had quite a few shots at tailing redfish and was able to convince a few to bite. Check out the full report!
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Exploration Trip To Honeymoon Island [Insider Report]

I have had this particular island on my list of areas to explore for a long time, and I finally had a chance to make a trip over to this area on the Gulf Coast of FL to check it out. It is always fun exploring new areas because it's a fun challenge and you just never know what will be around the next point.
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The Best Tides For Redfish, Snook, And Speckled Trout [Flats, Bays, & Creeks]

Wondering what the absolute best tides for redfish, snook, and trout are for the flats, creeks, and bays? Well, this video tutorial below will show you the #1 factor to keep in mind when planning your next fishing trip. Plus, you'll learn about the 2 most common mistakes anglers make [click to continue]
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Best Lure Colors In Late Spring & Early Summer (Redfish, Trout, & Snook)

Do you want to know the best colors to catch redfish, snook, trout, and flounder this summer? Then check out this new Insider only tip from Capt. CA Richardson.
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Gulp Shrimp vs. Zman MinnowZ Experiment While Post-Front Snook Fishing

Just when I thought we were past the cold weather, another cold front pushed through to cool down the temps yet again. Fortunately, we were able to find a recipe that worked so got some snook in the boat. I was testing out the performance of using a 3" Zman MinnowZ against a 3" Gulp Shrimp and did notice a difference.
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How To Consistently Catch Redfish From A Kayak (With Skye Burkhardt)

You've got to hear this amazing interview with Skye Burkhardt where she discusses catching redfish from her kayak, scouting a new area, girls fishing, and more. Enjoy!
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Stalking Bull Reds on the Flats – Spring

On this trip I found a big scattered school of 40+ inch redfish. I had a few strikes from them but they were very tough to crack. In this video I will be giving tips and trends for finding these big reds on the flats. Check out the full report!
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