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Depth Finder 101 (and 201) w/ Captain Dylan Hubbard [Mini-Course]

It’s depth finder time! Most boats (and even kayaks nowadays) are equipped with bottom reading machines (depth finder, fish finder, bottom machine, all of which...
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Boat Camping: 5 Steps For Safe, Exciting Overnight Boat Trips

Have you been boat camping? Imagine spending the night out under the stars with the waves gently rocking you to sleep. If that sounds awesome, here are 5...
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How To Anchor A Boat (And Avoid These Common Anchoring Mistakes)

There are many things that can go wrong while you're dropping the anchor. Want to know the best way to safely and properly drop your anchor? Read this.
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This Simple Boating Safety Tip Could Save Your Life

When you're on the water, here's one simple tip that could save your life. It doesn't have to do with a life jacket, or any other gear. You just need to...
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How to Make a GPS Based Fishing Plan [4 Part Video Series]

It’s GPS time! Pre-trip planning is a critical component when it comes to having a successful day on the water. Long time Insider Fishing Club...
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10 Essential Boating Items Every Fisherman Needs

Do you have the 10 essential items on your boat? Read this list from Capt. Mark to make sure you have everything you need for a day of fishing and boating.
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How To Remove A Boat Prop (To Grease & Check For Fishing Line)

Are you checking your boat prop like you should? Here's the quick and easy way to check your prop for fishing line and grease it to keep it running smoothly
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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Captain’s License

Want to get your captain's license? Check out this podcast episode where we talk about everything you need to know in order to get your captain's license.
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Fishing Tackle Man Cave: How Fishing Guides Stay Organized

Want to maximize your time on the water? Keeping your tackle well organized helps. Check out these tips on how to organize your fishing and boating gear.
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Fishing On Windy Days: How To Use The Wind To Your Advantage

Struggling to fish windy days? Check out these tips to stop battling mother nature and use the wind to your advantage out on the water, plus see...
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How To Dock Your Boat The Quick & Easy Way

Want to learn how to dock your boat the quick and easy way? Check out these tips on the best way to approach a dock, plus tips for tough conditions.
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This Is How You Fish The Shallows In A Bay Boat Without A Trolling Motor!

Is it possible to fish the shallows in a bay boat without a trolling motor? Check out this post for tips for having success even during bad tides.
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3 Tips To Avoid EXPLOSIONS While Fueling Your Boat

If you own a boat, some of the most dangerous things can happen at the boat ramp, so in this video, we brought on Capt Mark Johnson to share his safety tips
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The #1 Top Selling Saltwater Fishing Boat In America…

Want to know what the #1 top selling saltwater fishing boat in America is right now? Then listen in to the awesome new interview with Capt. Mark Johnson.
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The Helpful Things To Have When Trailering Boats [Blown Tire Repair]

Got a flat on your boat trailer? This post shows the best tools for changing blown tires on your boat trailer and goes over each tool in a video tutorial.
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