The Truth About Freedom Boat Club (And Why I Joined)


I almost didn’t do it…

Growing up we always had a boat and recently I’ve been itching to get one.

But then I started crunching the numbers…

You need to pay for the down payment, monthly payments, registration, insurance, maintenance, trailer, and storage, among other things.

Plus, you only have one boat.

What if I want to take my kids out tubing, or go bass fishing, or get into some skinny water looking for snook and redfish?

One type of boat is not ideal for the variety of activities we like to do on the water…

Which lead me to Freedom Boat Club.

I’d heard lots of misinformation about Freedom Boat Club regarding their prices, the number of times you can take their boats out, etc., so Freedom Boat Club wasn’t even on my radar for the longest time…

But the price of getting my own boat made me reevaluate my options.

In this podcast episode, I have my man Alex Anchor (yes, that’s his real last name) from the Winter Haven Freedom Boat Club to help talk about the pros, cons, and misconceptions when it comes to Freedom Boat Club.

I’m not getting paid by them and this is not a sponsored post, but Salt Strong is all about helping you make memories on the water with your loved ones and this is one of the best deals I’ve done when it comes to boating and fishing.

I’ve been enjoying being a part of the Club and I just wanted to share this with you in hopes of clearing up some misconceptions.

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The Truth About Freedom Boat Club [PODCAST]

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freedom boat club

So there you have it, the truth about Freedom Boat Club…

I hope this podcast helped answer any questions you had about Freedom Boat Club, but most importantly, I hope that this will help you make more memories on the water with your loved ones.

If you want to learn more about them, check them out at their website here:

And if you’re in Winter Haven and you want to join my specific club (we only need three more members to get a new boat!), check them out here:

Have any questions about the Freedom Boat Club?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Sam Michaels
1 year ago

Freedom Tampa Bay has been going downhill since acquired by corporate. They recently limited all members to only 1 full weekend reservation at a time even if the member at the time of signing had the right to 4-6 rolling reservations at any given time. Their business model seems to be sign up as many members get the big down payment then churn and burn. If you can mostly boat weekends, reconsider before joining Feeedom Boat club.

3 years ago

Our location is operating at less than 40% boat capacity in Northport (Long Island) NY. Our franchise added many new members last season and the club did not plan properly to get new boats in time. We are now two n=months into our short NY season and full capacity wont happen until late July. With the Covid situation increased demand for boats and longer delivery times for new boats should not be a surprise. Horrible customer service, no one will answer a phone call to tell us when more boats are coming. Our Long Island NY Franchise locations are now owned by the Freedom parent company.

3 years ago

We were presented three options for memberships, I confirmed the three options via text message. We chose one of the options and emailed stating which option we wanted: “the 6 reservation plan with access to the bigger boats for $399 per month.” Now we’ve done the training for the bigger boats and Freedom Boat Club is saying that the $399 per month plan is for 4 reservations, not 6 and does not have access to the bigger boats. The only way for us to get what we originally paid for is to pay an additional $100 per month. We would like them to honor what they promised and what we paid for but thus far they have refused.

4 years ago

Is there an extra fee to add an operator? I live with my brother and I would like him to have the freedom to boat with his girlfriend without me being the third wheel 🙂
Thanks for the great podcast. I have been watching videos about FBC for about 7 hours now! And finally got to your podcast. Can’t wait to join the club and see y’all somewhere on the water. Cheers.

4 years ago

It’s is very useful website for related of fishing workers, it’s provide of all things of related of fishing.

Barrett Smith
4 years ago

I would say that Yellowfin makes one of the finer boats and produces the styles and sizes to fit most anyone’s needs. I have a 97 Back Country 201 ProGuide which was designed and mfd by Wiley who owns Yellowfin and it’s still revered as one of the finest riding and performing hulls and sought by inshore fisherman. Just saying…

Brendt Talcott
4 years ago

I am a member pf the club as well. Def worth it!! Got a boat from Alex there at Winter Haven. Great guy, nice small club looking to grow. I will be back! I teresting to hear this podcast and know you joined Joe.

Richard Colon
4 years ago

We moved to SWFlorida from L.A. and have been FB members for 4 years. We are out on the water over 30 times a year and have boated in Mission Bay, San Diego area. We love the staff at Laishly Marina and Pine Island. I am not handy so FB was an easy decision.

Everett Kimball
4 years ago

I have been a member for over a year. Always great staff and different boats for various conditions. Oldest boat I used was 3 years old. I would recommend them anyone they even have locations in France

4 years ago

Very happy to hear the pricing you git was so great, I’m also a bit jealous. Here on Cape Cod you’ll be shelling a heck of a lot more, about $7k to join and $400 a month. At that price I’d need to ass in the divorce and support costs. ????


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