Fishing Lines [Reviews, Tests, & Experiments]

Seems like fishing lines are one of the most overlooked pieces of fishing equipment of them all.

And that’s a problem because the lines we decide to use can make a big difference on our results.

So we build this page so that you can see the latest and greatest fishing line reviews and experiments that we have performed in our grand quest to find the best fishing line for our various needs.

Best of all, this is all 100% free from influence from any corporate sponsors so there is no bias… we gain nothing whether you buy from one brand or another.


Fishing Line Articles Below:

Seaguar vs. Yo-Zuri [Fluorocarbon Leader Abrasion Strength Test]

Wondering if you should get Seaguar Fluorocarbon or Yo-Zuri? Check out the results of this abrasion strength experiment between their popular lines.
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How To AVOID Wind Knots and Tangles With Braided Line

Want to discover 14 tips to help eliminate wind knots, tangles, and frustration with braided line? Then check out this ultimate wind knot post
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Is Fluorocarbon Leader More Abrasion Resistant Than Traditional Mono Leader?

Want to see if fluorocarbon leader line is truly more abrasion resistant than monofilament line? Then check out this test which shows shocking results.
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[Knot Strength Experiment] Seaguar Blue Label vs. Red Label Leader Line

Wondering if the added cost of Seaguar's Blue Label leader line is worth it? Well here's an independent review showing its knot strength test results.
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Seaguar Leader Line Abrasion Test (Blue Label vs. Red Label)

Do you want to know if the "Blue Label" Seaguar leader line is really better than the "Red Label" line? Find out in this leader line strength test.
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Is Fluorocarbon Leader Really Stronger Than Main Line? [Test Results]

Countless anglers have asked why fluorocarbon leader line is so much more expensive than fluorocarbon main line. So I did a test... check out the results.
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What’s The Proper Drag Tension For A Fishing Reel?

An improperly set drag tension is one of the biggest causes of trophy fish getting off, so make sure you properly set your drag as shown in this article.
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