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LIVETARGET Hollow Body Mullet Review [Pros, Cons & Video Review]

In this article, Tony Acevedo reviews the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Mullet lure, tells you his top pros and cons and gives an in the water demo.
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The Top 3 Mahi-Mahi Fishing Mistakes [VIDEO]

Want to avoid the biggest Mahi-Mahi fishing mistakes? In this article, Peter Miller and Captain Q tell you the three biggest Mahi-Mahi fishing mistakes.
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BIG Fish. BIG Heart. BIG Fishing Captain [With Capt. Mike Anderson]

Want to know the secret to becoming a great weekend fisherman? Capt. Mike Anderson of Reel Animals shares his top tips for better weekend fishing.
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The Best Ways to Set Up Your Fishing Leader Line

In this Insider Tip, Tony Acevedo goes over the different kinds of fishing leader lines, the best uses of each leader material and how to set up a leader.
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“Animated Lure” Review For Saltwater Anglers [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Want an easy-to-use lure that's great for beginners and kids? Tony Acevedo reviews the Animated Lure and gives you his top 3 pros and cons for it.
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The GPS Coordinates for Every Artificial Reef in Louisiana

Want to know exactly where to fish offshore in Louisiana? In this article, we give you the GPS numbers to every public artifical reef in Louisiana.
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What You Need to Know on How Politics are Destroying our Fisheries

In this article, we explain the biggest political crisises our fisheries face, like the deadly red tide in the Gulf and toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges.
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How to Post Trip Analyze to Plan Your Next Fishing Trip

In this Insider Tip, Tony Acevedo shows how to take what you learn on the water to better plan for your next fishing trip and to catch more fish.
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How To Quickly Clean A Lobster Without Any Tools [Video]

Do you like lobster? In this article, Luke Simonds shows you how to clean a lobster in five easy steps and everything you need to do it.
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How To Find New Fishing Spots In Your Area (FAST)

Want to catch more inshore fish (and find the feeding zones faster than ever)? Then check out this video with the top 3 must-know tips for finding new spots
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Review: What You Need to Know About the Controlled Descent Lures

Want a lure that you can fish the entire water column with? In our latest review, Tony Acevedo shows you the pros and cons for the Controlled Descent Lure.
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The Top 10 Tips to Catch Big Trout in the Surf [With Kayaking Kennedy]

Want to catch big trout in the surf? We sat down with Captain Scott Kennedy -- aka Kayking Kennedy -- to talk about how to target big trout in the surf.
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How to Tie the Rapala Knot [Step-by-Step Picture and Video Tutorial]

Want to know the strongest loop knot we've ever seen? In this article, we go over the step-by-step process on how to tie the Rapala Knot.
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Berkley Vanish Leader Line vs. Mainline [Abrasion & Knot Strength Test Results]

Want to get more leader line for less money? In this article, we test to see whether Berkley Vanish leader line or mainline performs better on the water.
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Why Do You Fish? Finding Your Purpose and Fishing For Happiness

Why do you fish? Find out about why we started Salt Strong, how fishing is tied to happiness and our mission to make the world a better place with fishing.
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