How To Find New Fishing Spots In Your Area (FAST)


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The 3 Most Important Inshore Fishing Tips

Here are the three most critical lessons from the video above.

If you focus on improving these three things, your fishing game will transform. Period.

I’ve seen it happen with countless anglers who I’ve had the joy of teaching and these are the same three things we focus on teaching every week in our private fishing club.

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1. Maximize Structure

Fishing Structure

The most important aspect of a good fishing spot is having plenty of structure that draws fish in.

Almost all inshore species people like to target — redfish, trout, snook and more — are ambush predators that depend on structure for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. Protection from predators
  2. Ambush point to eat prey

What is Structure?

So what exactly is structure?

Structure is a loose term for anything that will draw baitfish and other prey in and offer protection to a predator fish as well. Some examples of structure are:

  • Grass Flats and Potholes – grass flats are home to just about every kind of bait in inshore estuaries — from crabs to mullet. Predator fish such as redfish and trout can hide in potholes and the grass and lay in wait for prey to happen over them. They can also get down in the grass and these holes and hide from their predators — like dolphins, sharks and humans.
  • Oyster Beds – oyster beds not only act as a hotbed for crabs, mud minnows and other baitfish, but they can also offer protection for predator fish. For instance, on the right tide, redfish can cruise an oyster bar looking for crabs and baitfish. They can also get up on top of the bar in a spot that predators like dolphin won’t come up to because they don’t want to cut their skin on the sharp oysters.
  • Mangrove Trees – The underwater roots from mangrove trees act as a nursery to baitfish and crustaceans. The maze of roots also provides great protection for predator fish to hide from other predators that cannot get back into the mangroves.

Other structure includes docks, rocks, bridges, pipes and so much more. Remember, always be on the lookout for something in the area that fish can use as an ambush point and to hide from other predators.

The Best Structure

So where should you start when it comes to fishing structure?

Look for areas with multiple kinds of structure close by, ideally all within one cast-length. This allows you to work a couple of different kinds of structure to see where the fish are holding at the time.

Another important aspect of finding a good spot with structure is finding one with depth change nearby. Any spot where there is good structure and depth change is almost guaranteed to have fish closeby.

My ideal fishing spots with a lot of structure have:

  1. Grass flats with good oysters bars on the flats.
  2. Healthy seagrass with potholes.
  3. Deeper water and depth change close by.

Finding fishing spots with good structure is the most crucial part of becoming a better fisherman.

This is why we put so much emphasis on teaching people how to do this in the Insider Fishing Club — which you can join risk-free with a 7-day trial.

2. Master Satelite Maps

Google maps fishing spots

You may now be asking yourself how to find these fishing spots with great structure?

Our suggestion and another crucial skill to becoming a better angler is to learn how to use online satellite maps to find structure and fishing spots.

Satellite maps from Google, Bing and MapQuest are completely free ways to identify structure and fishing spots from a birds-eye-view.

Getting a view from above allows you to see structure above and below the water and help you determine the exact places you should be fishing.

These maps are ideal for finding fishing spots for species that live in inshore shallow waters.

They’re perfect for finding grass flats you might not know exist and for locating depth changes that aren’t visible when you’re on the water.

How to Find Spots on Google, Bing and MapQuest Satellite Maps

To find a fishing spot in the area you want to fish, follow these instructions:

  1. Search the closest city/town near the area you are going to fish in the search engine.
  2. Click on the map image at the top of the search results page or the “maps” tab to go to the satellite imagery of the area.
  3. Switch the satellite imagery map settings to the setting of the actual satellite photos. For Google Maps, you do this by clicking the image that says “satellite” in the bottom left corner of the map. For Bing, switch the setting to “Aerial” in the settings bar on the top right corner of the map.

I like to use different satellite maps to look at the same fishing spots. Each map gives you a different perspective of the area and each one can show you unique details you might not see on just one map.

The best part is you use these maps to find fishing spots all from your computer or phone.

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3. Leverage Trends


The final step to becoming a better fisherman in no time is to use the patterns, trends and behaviors you learn and apply them to your fishing techniques over time.

For example, with structure, if you’re fishing an area with multiple types of structure in the same place and you catch a fish at the front of a pothole — throwback in that pothole again. If you catch another fish at the front of the pothole, you know the fish are holding in potholes and you can target potholes in the area more thoroughly.

Figuring out where fish are staging and identifying the trends will allow you to narrow your focus on certain structures and catch more fish.

For satellite imagery, going over the areas you fish in, pinpointing where you catch fish in the area and identifying what the satellite imagery looks like is crucial to improving your spot finding skills.

If a good fishing spot looks a certain way on satellite imagery, look for more fishing spots on the map that look the same as your good spot.

Realizing what works and what doesn’t and applying what you learn over time is the best way to improve and keep improving as a fisherman.

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Applying these tips to your fishing will make you a better a fisherman. We guarantee it!

Remember, the key is structure and you can find fishing spots with great structure using online satellite imagery.

If you want to learn these techniques and become a better fisherman as fast as possible, we encourage you to check out our free 7-day trial of the Salt Strong “Insider” fishing club.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please let me know in the comments below!

Tight Lines!

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