Review: What You Need to Know About the Controlled Descent Lures


I’ve recently been using the Controlled Descent Lures by My Coast Outdoors, so I thought I’d post this review in case you have not yet tried them so that you can make an educated decision to buy them or not.

These Controlled Descent lures are soft plastic baits that can float, suspend and sink in the water depending on how you rig and use it.

There is a learning curve to using this lure, and it takes some time to figure out the best way to fish with it.

In this article, I go over what comes in the Controlled Descent Lure packs, how to rig these lures in different ways, and the lure’s top pros and cons.

You can also find a video review that features an underwater footage demonstration of how the lure looks rigged for sinking and rigged for suspension.

Note: This review is 100% unbiased… we have no relationship with their company and we do not benefit financially if you buy these lures or not (we simply want to make sure that our subscribers are making informed buying decisions).

What Comes in a Controlled Descent Lures Pack?

There are two different types of the Controlled Descent Lures.

The first style is a jerk bait with a single tail. You can see the Controlled Descent Lures jerk bait in the photo below:

Controlled Descent Lures Jerk bait

The second style is a paddle tail lure with dual tails you work like a swimbait. You can see the Controlled Descent Lures paddle tail in the photo below:

Controlled Descent Lures paddle tail

Each pack of lures comes with six soft plastic bodies, six floating foam inserts and a specialty hook with a spring lock to rig the lures weedless.

How the Controlled Descent Lures Work

Controlled Descent Lures

The draw of the Controlled Descent Lures is that they can be fished in every level of the water column.

The top of the head of the soft plastic body is hollow and has an empty cavity in it which allows you to rig the lure to be fished at any level of the water column. There is a hole in the front of the head of the lure which lets you access the empty cavity.

The bottom of the head under the empty cavity is dense and heavier. It is where you lock the hook’s spring lock.

The empty cavity is what allows you to control the lure at varying depths.

The three ways to rig the Controlled Descent Lures are:


To make the Controlled Descent Lure float, you simply put the floating foam inserts (pictured below) in the empty cavity in the head through the hole in the front.

Controlled Descent Lures Foam Inserts
Foam inserts that come in the Controlled Descent Lures Pack.

To do this, stick the pointed end of the foam insert into the cavity and push and twist it until the entire insert is inside the lure. Make sure to put the foam in the cavity before rigging the lure on the hook.


To make the Controlled Descent Lure suspend, cut a third of the foam insert off and insert the remaining 2/3 of the insert into the lure cavity.

The smaller foam insert will keep the lure off the bottom and the weight of the lure will make sure it sits below the surface of the water.


To make the Controlled Descent Lure sink, leave the cavity in the lure empty and cast it out in the water. Give the lure a couple of strong jerks and twitches — which will cause the empty cavity to fill with water.

The water-filled cavity will cause the lure to sink because of the extra weight in the head. You can also fill the cavity with water by dipping the lure in the water and squeezing at the sides of the head to make the hole open.

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Top 3 Pros of the Controlled Descent Lures

Controlled Descent Lures Packs

I’ve found some positive aspects of this lure and have really enjoyed using it for different fishing situations.

My top three pros of the Controlled Descent Lures are:

1. Suspending Control

The suspending action of this lure is elite and really makes it a worthwhile lure to use.

When rigged to suspend, the lure moves down when you retrieve it and then slowly floats up when you pause it. Fish love to take this lure on the pause when it is barely floating.

2. Solid Shallow Water Lure

I love this lure because I can fish it on any kind of structure.

When there is grass present and I want to keep it off the bottom, I can rig it to float or suspend just below the surface.

If there is structure a little deeper down, I can rig it to suspend deeper and when I pause it during the retrieve, I know it’s going to float up and not get snagged on the structure.

If I need to fish the bottom, I simply rig it to sink and work it just off the bottom.

3. Good With Pro-Cure or Other Scents

I love using Pro-Cure with this lure. The empty cavity in the lure’s head is the perfect place to fill with Pro Cure or other scents.

The added scent makes the lure irresistible in the water and the added weight from the Pro Cure eliminates the need for me to fill the lure with water to make it sink.

As you jerk the lure, more and more scent releases and makes it a tasty offering to fish.

Note: If you have used these lures and feel that I missed any important benefits of these lures, please share them with us in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.

Top 3 Cons for the Controlled Descent Lures

Cons of the Controlled Descent Lures

Here are the top three cons that I have found after using these Controlled Descent Lures:

1. Difficult to Dial in 

Figuring out how you need to rig the lure takes time. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to set up these lures for the type of fishing I want to do.

This isn’t a lure I’d suggest buying at the tackle shop and going straight to the water on a fishing trip with. Play around with them a little bit at home first to figure out the best way to rig them.

2. Paddle Tail Action

I’m not a huge fan of the action the paddle tail lures have. The lure tail is not big enough and therefore does not have a ton of movement.

You end up having to retrieve the paddle tail lure very fast in order to get the kind of action you normally want to get.

3. One Hook Per Pack

These lures are best used on the hook that comes in the Controlled Descent Lures pack. However, there is only one hook per pack, which can put you at a disadvantage with the rest of the pack if you lose the hook to structure or a fish.

Note: If you have used these lures and feel that I missed any important cons of these lures, please share them with us in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.

Controlled Descent Lures Video Review and Underwater Demo

In this video, I give you my full review of the Controlled Descent Lures. I also show you what they look underwater when rigged in different ways.

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Controlled Descent Lures Review

These Controlled Descent Lures can be a solid choice if you want something that can be thrown throughout the water column.

But it’s important to note that it takes some tinkering to figure out exactly how to rig it.

Remember, we are not affiliated with any lure or fishing gear companies. All our reviews are unbiased and independent.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about these Controlled Descent lures.

Tight Lines!

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Michael McDowell
5 years ago

Just used these lures. caught two small Snook. The first I have seen in six weeks due to red tide. I got quite a few hits however only landed two. Hook up rate was not good. When they hit the lure they tore the bait up. the hollow cavity is intriguing; neither of the fish I caught came back with the bait. There is a learning curve for putting the float, rattle and hook in them with out destroying a couple in the beginning. All said I will keep trying them because I have learned that many times the biggest problem is operator error. Thanks Tony love the video.

Michael McDowell
4 years ago

Since I wrote the above comment I have added two Reds on the paddle tail suspend version. Waiting for fish to return to my area after the brutal Red tide. I am enjoying playing around tuning these lure. Thanks Tony for turning me on to them.

Steven Free
5 years ago

Yea I think I’m with Gary on that one although I fell in love with the vudu shrimp a real trout flounder and red slayer here in the northeast part of fl and not to get off the subject but how are all you guys fishing now that the red tide has invaded south fl I have heard many horror stories about it sad very sad I’m just glad I don’t live down there also just to damn hot for me anyways thanks for the info and as usual all you guys do????

Mike Bellet
5 years ago

Do you need a split shot or weighted hook to get casting distance ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Bellet

I will answer this from a bait caster perspective which is what I use. If it is a dead calm day I will not be making a super long cast if I am fishing the jerk shad as a topwater with the included light wire hook. I can cast far enough to catch fish. Typically there is some wind and I have no problem casting weightlessness. If you use spinning gear you should have no problem without wind. The jerk shad is 5″ ith a big belly so it has some wight to it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Bellet

Forgot to add my name

5 years ago

Thanks for the reply, Mike……going to give it a try. By the way, where can they be purchased {BPS, DICKS] ?

Michael Okruhlik
5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Currently we are only in local retail shops in Texas, but you can order them online @
Thanks for your interest.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Bellet

Without added weights it can be casted a good distance. Owners twist lock in 1/8oz can be used or you can use nail type weights to insert into the cavity.

5 years ago

I fish with them and love the control you have in the water. Black Bass eat them upwhen it hovers over their bed. I use it like a top water for striped bass.

5 years ago

Good article. They are great when the bottom is grass or oysters because you can rig it to stay off of it. They are downright deadly if you tandem rig em with one having neutral buoyancy or just the slightest bit of float to it. That one gets smashed more often than not.

Co Pham
5 years ago

I’ve been using Controlled Descent Lures for roughly 2 years and I love the fact that you can fish them however you like them and when you’re faced with reefs, structures, grass or even drop offs, you simply add or remove a nail weight that you’d insert inside the cavity.
To this day I fish them exclusively and haven’t layed them down to use other artificial baits.

Scott Hudsonb
5 years ago

I’ve been using the Controlled Descent lures for about a year and have never had to “dial it in”. It’s nice to have one plastic lure to cover all aspects of what the fish are doing.

Tim Bradfield
5 years ago

I own and operate a tackle store in Portland Texas called Livin Reel Salty Tackle & Bait at 101 US Highway 181 I would like to say that these lures have been doing my store great the customers come in over and over and over looking for them and the different colors that they have. They seem to be working great in our area and I will continue to carry them and watch as this company grows thank you very much for the review of these guys they deserve it they worked really hard to come out with something new and way different looking than all the other other companies. Ty.

John B
5 years ago

I’ve used the control decent lures in Fla, La and texas. I like to put sent gel in the cavity the scent lasts quite a bit longer this way. We will use it with the hook provided or a jig head. I’ve had very good luck both ways

5 years ago

I’ve used these on the East Coast and can verify that they work well on the Trout, Stripers and Redfish. Nice action and good quality product.


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