Is 5-lb Braided Line Too Light For Inshore Saltwater Fishing?


Is 5lb braided line too light to use for inshore saltwater fishing?

Won’t it just break off if you hook into a bigger fish?

5lb braided line might have more advantages than you think!!

Check this out!

5-lb Braided Line

Traditionally, 10lb braid has been the go-to choice for fishing bays and flats for slot-sized fish.

Also when compared to lighter line, the 10lb line casts very far and can be put to the test.

However, lately, redfish have become increasingly spooky and sensitive to the heavier line.

During the winter, the water is very clear and redfish are not super aggressive to chase down food.

The 10lb braid just falling onto the water when you cast it out has been enough to scare off skittish redfish.

5lb braid is thinner and lighter than the 10lb braid.

In fact, 5lb braid is 0.10mm in diameter and the 10lb braid is 0.15mm.

5-lb Braid Performance

After a few recent trips using 5lb braid, it stood the test to reeling in some slot and over slot-sized fish.

Moreover, it was able to stay connected around mangroves and structure.

As long as you are not fishing in an area with tons of structure, 5lb braid can be effective in bays and up on the flats.

5-lb Braid Strength VS. 10-lb Braid Strength

After several knot strength tests, the FG knot tied to 20lb leader using 5lb braid held up to 11lbs of pressure.

This is plenty of pulling structure to handle fish on the flats or open water.

On the other hand, 10lb braid tied with 20lb leader held up to 20lbs of pressure.

There is a greater difference between the pressure you can put on both types of braid, but it can be advantageous to use a lighter line.

Furthermore, 5lb braided line will cast further than 10lb braided line.

There will be a future test coming to confirm this.

In another test, 10lb braid was put up against 20lb braid for casting distance.

After several trials, 10lb braided line casted around 20% further than 20lb braided line.

5-lb Braided Line [VIDEO]

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braided fishing line podcast

If you are sight fishing in calm, clear water, 5lb braided line is going to prevent fish from spooking off and will provide you more stealth.

5lb braid can be hard to find but if you are able to get your hands on it, give it a try on the flats for sight fishing opportunities!

Keep an eye out for more tests between 5lb and 10lb braided line will be coming soon!!

Do you have any more questions on 5lb braided line?

Let me know down in the comments!

Please share any personal experiences you have had using 5lb braid or lighter line down in the comments!!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about 5lb braided line, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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John Curts
5 months ago

Forgot to mention I surf fish, walk the beach only.

John Curts
5 months ago

Can I put 5 to 10 braid on my 7′ Medium fast action rod that shows minimum 15# braid, as you mention doing this as I believe your using the same rod.
Also many articles recommend several length leaders from braid to mono. You use 12 to 14 inch. Your the Man Joe but do you know others that go longer and what’s their explanation please. Thanks, Salt Strong!

Ray Bierschenk
1 year ago

Do you have any problems tying the FG knot with the 5# braid to 10# mono? I finally did it after about 10 tries. Reminded me of when I used to use 2# mono for freshwater trout!
Received my Salt Strong order of Daiwa Saltist MQ and spooled it with about 100 yards of 10# mono and 150 yards of 5# braid. Anxious to try it out; now if I could just get a Salt Strong Bull Bay rod to pair it with…

walter nowlin
1 year ago

When switching to lighter braid what color do you recommend? Would blue be a good color, sort of a match to the clear blue skies overhead?

Ray Bierschenk
1 year ago

Lighter line and leader makes perfect sense. I would have to believe that more fish would be tricked into biting and for me that would more fun! Loosen the drag a bit and play the fish and enjoy!

1 year ago

Hi Luke – what leader do you use with the 5 lb and 10 lb braid ?

Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

Are you saying that currently, for the flats, you advise 5 pound over 10 pound? Thanks for the testing

Geroge Longoria
1 year ago

Understanding that if you are hooked into a larger fish using light line you have to sufficiently tire them out to avoid break offs, is there any data or concern if such prolonging the retrieve puts more stress on a fish and its ability to recover when released? Granted, if you’re keeping the fish for consumption it’s a moot point. But if over-slot or C&R, is going too light an ethical choice? Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

Albert EWERT
1 year ago

SUPER valid point, especially in warmer seasons. I think 5lb is too light, what are you going to to if you luck out and hook into a 36″ redfish or a 4′ Tarpon?

Brett Cox
1 year ago
Reply to  Albert EWERT

If he was initially using 10 lb braid, what’s that going to do for a 4-foot tarpon? And a 36-inch redfish should be no problem if you learn how to use your drag system properly.

Rod Burke
1 year ago

What leader would you use for 5lb power pro if ultra light fishing for bluegills in fresh water?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Rod Burke

For bluegills, I’d go with a 10 lb mono leader because it should be thin enough to not spook them while being thick enough to handle a bass that hopefully decides to eat the bait.

james herndon
1 year ago

You guys are great source of info for me. Just started artifical fishing this year so please keep up the good work. I noticed you all use expensive braid. how about some tests on cheaper braids like what is on Amazon and compare them to power pro or J braid.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  james herndon

Thanks Rick! I recently picked up some kast king line that I’ll use to start with some less expensive lines.


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