J-Braid 8 Grand vs. PowerPro Braid (Knot Strength & Casting Distance)


PowerPro has been consistently winning our braided line contests…

But we have a new winner with record-breaking numbers!

Although the testing is not over, there have been some serious surprises so far.

Check out the knot strength test and casting contest below for PowerPro Original and Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand!

PowerPro vs J-Braid 8 Grand Knot Strength [VIDEO]

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In this knot strength test, I used the Uni knot to a swivel and the FG knot.

The results are in and we have a new record!

It’s pretty impressive that a 10# braid had a breaking strength of over 25 lbs.

If you want to try out these lines for yourself, you can get them from our online tackle shop here:

Here are the full results of this test:

Uni Knot:


Average of 5 Rounds: 17.94 lbs.

J-Braid 8 Grand

Average of 5 Rounds: 16.80 lbs.

FG Knot:


Average of 4 Rounds: 19.45 lbs.

J-Braid 8 Grand

Average of 4 Rounds: 22.40 lbs.

PowerPro vs J-Braid 8 Grand Casting Contest [VIDEO]

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For the casting contest, I did two rounds of 6 casts for each line.

Overall it appeared to be a draw and both lines cast at relatively the same distances.

The one thing to be aware of is that PowerPro Original is a 4 strand braid and J-Braid 8 Grand is an 8 strand braided line.

8 strand braid has a tendency to decrease in casting performance over time.

As I perform more tests and casting contests, we’ll see if the J-Braid holds up!


how to spool braid on a spinning reel

Before we say that J-Braid is the best line ever, we still have more testing to do…

But for now, my favorite PowerPro may take a backseat to J-Braid 8 Grand.

Make sure you bookmark this post so you can reference this as we add additional test results.

You can find both brands of line in our tackle shop here:

I am always on a quest for everyone to know the best quality lines on the market.

Do you have any lines you’d like me to compare?

Have you had similar experiences with these two braided lines?

Let me know down in the comments!

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david furniss
14 hours ago

Where can I purchase live shrimp on Hilton Head Island, planing a trip May 27th.

Bill Sowell
7 days ago

Thanks Luke your tests are always insightful and entertaining. I have been using the J braid on my hevier rigs for some time so I thought I would try it out on my lighter rigs. The 10 pound I used had so many wind knots on my first trip out that by the end of the day I was casting down to my mono filler. I have the J braid spooled on a second rod and will try it out this weekend. Went back to PowerPro on the other rod to see if it does any better.

Jim LaRose
10 days ago

Thank you. Been waiting for this one!!!

Tom Berry
11 days ago

I love these tests!!! I challange you Luke to find a braid that casts further than Berkley NanoFil

Adam Kinnaird
11 days ago

Kastking just released a 13strand braided line would love to see your thoughts on some of their reels and lines

David carrizales
11 days ago

Good to know thanks

William Hawkins
13 days ago

I am always impressed with your dedication to “the science” of fishing. I will likely buy the J-Braid for my next respool based on your conclusions. Thank you.
Have you ever tested old line versus new? I’d like to know what the durability of different lines is over time. Also, testing of identical lines with different manufactured dates or colors, to measure their consistency. While your at it, How about a “snap” or “jerk” test?

Last edited 13 days ago by William Hawkins
Ray Alvarez
14 days ago

What about FIN Windtamer?

Bill Poletti
14 days ago

Early in the Salt Strong discussion of braided line including J-Braid X8 Grand, there were some staff that commented that there might be a wind-knot issue with the Daiwa braid.

After some additional use and experience, does the wind-knot issue seem to be related to individual casting technique or is it consistently a problem across the board?

Bill Poletti
13 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds


Terry Chase
14 days ago

How about Peeline 15# braid, any test?
This line cast great hardly ever a line twist. Maybe 5 out of 5 years fishing this line. Lots of line twist with the Power Pro orig. and the slick was just as bad.
Switched to Peeline been fish it for 5 years great line. What do you’all think?


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