Top 3 Beach Fishing Mistakes That Are Costing You Fish


Stop making these same beach fishing mistakes that are costing you fish!!!

One of the many efforts of the Beach Fishing Course is to correct common errors anglers make when fishing from the surf so they have more success from shore.

Learn how to fix these beach fishing mistakes right here!

Top 3 Beach Fishing Mistakes [VIDEO]

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Bama Beach Bum (Matthew Isbell) has been fishing the beach and worked as a beach fishing guide for over a decade.

After interacting with others and observing how other people fish the beach, he was able to dial in on three major mistakes anglers make.

Mistake #1: Casting Out Of The Strike Zone

The #1 mistake beach anglers make is casting too far.

The common belief is you have to cast your bait out as far as you possibly can because the fish are far out.

This is not true!

You should not be walking in the water up to your shoulders and casting out as far as you possibly can.

In our upcoming Beach Fishing Mastery Course, we show you exactly where you should cast from and exactly where you should aim your cast.

It is important to not just randomly cast your line out.

You want to make sure you’re casting in the high percentage zones that are holding feeding fish.

Mistake #2: Using The Wrong Rigs

There are countless different beach rigs and rigging options that are used by anglers all over.

Inexperienced or beginner anglers lean towards using pre-made rigs they can buy in tackle stores.

The truth is these are not the easiest or most effective rigs to work with.

Lots of times there is way too much going on with storebought rigs that it will spook away fish.

These fish are used to crystal clear beach water and if they can see your rig, odds are they won’t bite it.

In the Beach Fishing Mastery Course, you will learn how to tie simple and effective beach fishing rigs.

We will help you learn what to look for if you prefer buying pre-made rigs and show you what rigs have worked best for us.

Mistake #3: Using The Wrong Type Of Bait

This is the biggest error that can cost you countless fish.

It sounds simple but if you buy the wrong bait, you are setting yourself up to fail without even putting a line in the water.

You can have everything go perfectly right on a beach fishing trip, but if you have the wrong bait, the bites will be few and far between.

Make sure you are using fresh bait and avoid frozen bait if possible.

Good quality, natural bait will get you on the most fish.

In this Beach Fishing Mastery Course, you will learn what baits are best, how to rig them, and even some artificial lures that work well from the surf.


All told, this Beach Fishing Mastery Course does not miss!!!

Truly everything you’ll ever need to know about catching more fish from the surf across any level of fishing experience is offered in this course.

From beginners to experts, the tips in this course are easily applicable and are sure-fire to get you on more fish!

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1 year ago

what course is that?

1 year ago

thanks Wyatt cant wait to check it out

Joseph Simonds
1 year ago

Awesome tips, Matt


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