Must-Have Fishing Hook (For Topwater Lures & Hard Baits)

By: Joseph Simonds on June 26, 2019
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best single inline hooks

I’m not a doctor…

I don’t even play one on TV…

But I did have to perform surgery recently.

My brother, Luke, and I were fishing a few weeks ago and I was using a Mirrolure with dual treble hooks.

I caught a 13-inch trout and not only did I hook into its mouth, but unfortunately, I also hooked into the side of its body (not a hard thing to do when the lure has six hooks…).

After performing surgery to get four of the six hooks out, the fish was essentially dead before I could release it.

And to top it off, after I got the hooks out of the fish, they found their way into my performance shirt and ripped an irreparable hole in it.

Has this ever happened to you?

It sucks, right?

Well, watch the video below to see how to quit killing fish and ruining your clothes.

Must-Have Fishing Hooks [VIDEO]

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If you want to quit killing fish with too many hooks, save your clothes, and potentially save your hands, arms, and legs from getting hooked, then replace your treble hooks with inline single hooks.

These Owner hooks are the toughest and strongest single hooks out there, plus they’re hard to find so we went out and grabbed some for you.

You can get the inline single hooks from the shop by clicking here.

Plus, if you’re an Insider member you’ll get a discount to make them even cheaper!

Have any questions about switching out treble hooks with single hooks?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Gary Rankel
11 months ago

Oh Well, Joe…….at least you didn’t sink a couple trebles into your hand and had to paddle a kayak 2 miles back to the launch site with a 5 inch rapala hanging from it, then having to drive to the emergency room so that the experts could perform the surgery!

David Fender
11 months ago
Reply to  Gary Rankel

And that’s why I replace all my treble hooks with these. I had a friend end up 45 miles out with a treble hook through the web of his hand and stuck in his thigh. The guy with him wouldnt come near him because of the blood. It’s funny now but at the time…o it was funny when he told me too