The Best Summer Lures For Redfish, Trout, & Snook


It’s officially summertime!

And it is one of the best times to use lures for catching inshore saltwater slams.

So in this podcast, the crew all chimes in on the exact lures we use during the summer months and when to use them!

Check it out below!

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Best Summertime Lures [VIDEO]

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Best Summertime Lures [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:49 – Do you change up your lure depending on the time of day?
  • 2:18 – Topwater time! And when to use it
  • 3:28 – Here’s why it’s crucial to use this lure in the morning
  • 4:56 – Guideline of when to throw topwater lures
  • 6:33 – Fish don’t wear sunglasses
  • 7:14 – Change up your retrieve when the water’s surface is like this
  • 9:10 – Calm weather is the worst…
  • 10:14 – Look for shadows to tell you when to use this lure
  • 12:04 – Fish will eat a pickle in these conditions
  • 12:48 – In the heat of the day, grass will do this
  • 14:43 – Weedless presentation with a soft plastic is hard to beat
  • 15:34 – No shadow vs. shadow lures
  • 16:02 – Do you put Dr. Juice on your topwater lure?
  • 17:53 – We put Dr. Juice on everything, even our burgers
  • 20:14 – Thoughts on Wendy’s french fries?
  • 21:53 – Gather your fish data at this time of day
  • 23:33 – When to use specific paddletails
  • 25:44 – Shrimp imitation lures are great for the summer
  • 28:14 – Sight fishing during summer
  • 29:44 – Slay redfish on this lure this summer
  • 31:52 – Dock fishing is the best during the heat of the day
  • 33:14 – You’ll need to get your baits on the bottom in cooler water
  • 36:40 – Shadow puppets are a must
  • 37:08 – Find redfish here during the summertime
  • 38:31 – Use this lure for night fishing
  • 42:08 – Catch bigger fish with this kind of lure
  • 44:35 – How fish strike at lures and why it’s important
  • 46:14 – Want to outfish your buddy? Do this
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  • 53:12 – You will save time, you will save money, and you will catch more fish

Here are the lures, hooks, & scents mentioned in this episode:

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There are simple lure setups that always catching fish in the summer.

You just have to know the best time of day to use them, where to use them, and how to use them!

What’s your go-to summer lure?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Tammi Morrisette
1 year ago

Good stuff, guys!

Bubba Boeer
1 year ago

Wyatt mentioned not getting great walk the dog action on the Skitterwalk. Slow the “walk” down. Use the “lazy man” approach to walk the dog, slow the tipping of the rod down compared to the Super Spook Jr. and you will get a much better walk the dog action. Some pauses will help a bunch as well with the Skitterwalk. I use both with great success.

James L Grier
1 year ago

Is there a good combo r/r for s/s & moonwalker

Alan Peltzer
1 year ago

When fish are short striking or missing a top water you can tie weightless soft plastics, or a fly, such as deceiver or something made of bucktail, to the rear hook on a short piece of mono and they will often hit the trailer.

Bob McEneaney
1 year ago

Agree with the morning and evening bite being key but the bugs are brutal. How about some testing of repellents or hat nets or other means of beating the bugs especially the no see ums. Thanks

Jack Dickerson
1 year ago

Great discussion team. I am planning on using these tips. Would it be possible to do a video on how to properly set the drag on a spinning reel?

Oliver Clarke
1 year ago
Reply to  Jack Dickerson

After I had trouble for years from not setting my drag accurately finally found a simple foolproof solution. Set the drag too heavy then lift a weight which is equal to the desired drag setting. Then loosen the drag till the weight starts to pull off line, hear the drag ticking. Then tighten a little to stop line coming off. Now the drag is set = desired.
I use a small pulley supported from a shelf so I can pull horizontally with the rod Pointed straight at the pulley. no point in stressing the rod.
Or just lift vertically with the reel held in an old rod handle.
Water weighs 1 ounce per fluid ounce. Use a recycled gallon Arizona tea jug which weighs 0.4 pounds empty plus water volume measured to = desired weight. If in doubt you can have the butcher or deli counter weigh it.
I use the same set up with heavier jug = braid lone rating to proof test my line to leader ft knots before every outing.

Rick Trester
1 year ago

I spent the last three days in Upper Michigan. Mainly fishing for large and small mouth bass. I tried the Z-man Finesse Frog top water soft plastic lure. The bass loved it. Maybe it could work for snook, redfish or trout.
I used the green color.

Louis Natole
1 year ago

What can I use to catch fluke

James Rogers
1 year ago

Great podcast guys, not only good info but laughs abound, Wyatts hand puppet and Lukies Shadow. Great stuff🤣🤣🤣🤣

James Rogers
1 year ago


Whoop whoop you are the MEN💪💪💪


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