This Is The Best Tool For Split Rings [See It In Action]


One often overlooked fishing accessory is a tool used for split rings which are crucial for when you are in need of replacing rusted hooks or changing from one hook type to another.

For many years I dreaded changing hooks because I was using normal pliers which makes it a very tough task.

The good news is that there are some inexpensive tools available now which make changing the hooks on plugs super easy.

And in the case of this one, it’s a multi-tool that has an extremely good cutter for getting clean cuts on all sizes of both braid and monofilament lines.

Here’s a quick video for you to see them in action.

Best Tool For Split Rings [Video]

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It’s nearly impossible to not have to change out hooks at some point.

And this otherwise difficult task can be very easy if you have a split ring tool.

So it’s best to have at least one tool at your disposal when the time comes.

The reason I like this one is that it’s a great split ring tool that can also clean-cut braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon lines.

Best of all for us saltwater anglers, this tool is shockingly good at handling saltwater exposure for something that costs a mere $10 (or just $8 to Insider Club members).

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Have you used these yet?

Let me know down in the comments!

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John Long
2 years ago

Luke, great tutorial. I just got my topwaters and replacement hooks from the Insider Club Tackle Shop. This expert guide will help me make short work of swapping trebles.

By the way, didn’t you or one of the team have a video for lure brand/size + recommended replacement single hook size?

John Long
2 years ago

I want tp type how appreciative I am of these small, multi-tool scissors. Salt Strong gave me a set on my first order. I’ve used them ever since! My Bubba BIG scissors are still great for cutting bait fish, blue claw crabs, etc., but I’ve seen Tony cut a blue claw in half with this tool! Amazing!

Tim Hall
2 years ago

I bought several of these, on the one I have used the most the plastic broke.

2 years ago

are they SS? I would like to leave them on the boat but life can be short

2 years ago

Nice video Luke – really helpful – question – is there an issue with the slip ring on the front of the bait or just the fact that there should be no slip ring on the front of the bait

Ron Mattson SR
2 years ago

Great tool thank You. Just a little heads up when changing hardware on lures. Keep in mind what happens when one connects dissimilar metals. Fish are extremely capable of picking up very small currents.

Mark Williams
2 years ago

I have found that gently grinding the “wedge” to an even sharper point will make this great tool work even better, particularly on the very small split rings.

Cody Byers
2 years ago

Must have for any trip. They cut braid and mono extremely well. The split ring tips have changed many a treble for me. Knocked it out of the park again guys!


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