How To Use The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait (For Big Trout & Redfish)


Have you used the MirrOlure Lil John yet?

This twitchbait is versatile, catches tons of fish, and casts great into the wind.

But the biggest mistake people make with this lure is that they don’t retrieve it the right way.

That causes them to not catch fish and (incorrectly) think that the lure doesn’t work.

So in this video, you’ll learn how to rig and retrieve the MirrOlure Lil John.

Check it out below!

How To Use The Lil John Lure [VIDEO]

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The biggest mistake you can make with this lure is to think that a straight retrieve is going to get strikes.

YOU create the action in a twitchbait, and this lure is no different.

Quick, jerky movements are a must to entice fish to follow and attack.

Another mistake is not working this lure fast enough!

How To Use The Lil John

Here’s the easiest way to create an erratic, darting motion:

Cast out and let sink.

Make sure you don’t have any slack in your line.

Keep your rod tip down almost parallel to the water.

Twitch, drop, twitch, twitch, twitch, drop.

Be sure you are reeling in slack while working the bait to ensure you can feel the strike.

What You Need To Know

The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait is very dense and can cast a mile even in the wind.

Because of its density, I’d recommend not rigging this lure weedless as it may be tougher to set the hook.

The Lil John is also super durable and stays in place on the hook so you won’t have to constantly be adjusting it.

You can get some of my favorite Lil John lures here:

And here are the jighead sizes that I like to use (depending on water depth and current):

  • 1/4 oz for deeper depths
  • 1/8 oz for mid-depth (2 -3 ft)
  • 1/16 oz for very shallow water


how to use lil john twitchbait

The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait may soon be your favorite lure when you see the size of the fish you’re catching with it.

Once you know the trick to retrieve it and find your rhythm, you will be out-fishing everyone else!

Have you used the MirrOlure Lil John?

Let me know down in the comments!

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1 month ago

Just picked up a Bullbay Bolt after hearing Wader Dave’s thoughts about it. What pliers/lenght does Dave use?

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago

Nice video. Thank you.

Robert Woodbury
2 years ago

Hey Wyatt,

Was that the Redfish Bay Causeway in the background at the beginning of the video? I watched the insider report/spot dissection regarding the islands, but never saw where you were fishing in the majority of this video on that particular report.

Andrew McKeown
2 years ago

Just got my order in this week. Have only used the regular sized, opening night. I am inland, so have only been able to test on fresh water. It is KILLER with the largemouth. Found my new favorite bait. Looking forward to taking out on salt!

David Ulgenalp
2 years ago
Reply to  Andrew McKeown

Awesome – give Golden Bream and Watermelon Red Glitter colors a try. I only use regular Lil John, not the XL.

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

I had success with the Lil John this past winter by cutting them down and using them on a Ned rig jig head. Worked really well. Glad you made this video, I’ll have to try it out this way. Do you ever use the XL or just stick with the regular Lil John?

David Ulgenalp
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Pat – I’ve used the XL in the past but have had better results with the smaller Lil John. I believe the quick twitching/darting action I prefer, triggers a reaction strike which probably doesn’t give the fish much chance to distinguish the slight size difference between the two. It also eliminates another decision to make and keeps thing simple.

Bob Strempek
2 years ago

I fished with a guy at homassa, he swore by them too. I had no luck, of course my approach wasn’t right, now I know why. On my list

Bob Strempek
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Strempek

I’ve thought of them as shrimp like.

Norm Oleson
2 years ago

Excellent video. No wonder I’ve never done well with these lures! The demonstration was particularly good as you can’t explain it with words i.e. . . . how fast is fast?

2 years ago

My go to bait. Still trying the SS to be fair.

David Ulgenalp
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark

When I need to use a paddle tail bait I love slam shady – no need to give up on it just because you’re using the Lil John.

2 years ago

Just curious, I seen that you guys had the wind to your back, but was you fishing that drop off on an outgoing tide or incoming?

David Ulgenalp
2 years ago
Reply to  Timothy

Timothy – if I recall correctly, we fished incoming water through the high and the fist part of the outgoing. Perhaps Wyatt can confirm.

Sam Craparo
2 years ago

Pink/silver Lil John has been my go to for quite a while. Near Sunshine Skyway recently caught several trout over 20” along with grouper, sea bass, ladyfish, jacks, snapper, and bluefish. I tend to use aggressive retrieves with my jigs and plugs.


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