How To Rig Artificial Shrimp Like A Pro (For Any Water Depth)

By: Tony Acevedo on December 19, 2019
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best way to rig artificial shrimp lures

What’s the best way to rig artificial shrimp?

Well, it depends.

How deep is the water that you’re fishing in?

Is there a strong current?

Both of those factors will determine the best way to rig your shrimp, and in this video, I’ll give you a simple rule of thumb to help you decide based on the conditions you’re fishing in.


Rigging Artificial Shrimp [VIDEO]

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Lures mentioned:

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How To Rig Artificial Lures In Shallow Water

how to rig shrimp lures in shallow water

When fishing in water less than four feet deep, I like to rig shrimp on a weedless hook.

Some baits, like the Chasebaits Flick Prawn, come pre-rigged, while others, like Gulp Shrimp I rig on a weighted swimbait hook, such as the Owner TwistLock hook.

I like rigging lures weedless in shallow water because there will typically be seagrass, tree limbs, oysters, or other debris in the water and rigging your shrimp weedless will decrease your chances of getting snagged.

The exception to this rule is that if you’re fishing close to four feet deep and there’s a lot of current.

In this scenario, I may use a jig head to get my lure down to the bottom.

How To Rig Artificial Lures In Deeper Water

Gulp Shrimp jig

When fishing in water greater than four feet deep, I like to rig shrimp on a jig head.

I typically use jig heads from 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz, depending on the depth and the current, so when I go out on the water I’ll bring a few different size jig heads with me.

Now the reason jig heads are better for deeper water is that all the weight is at the front of the lure, so they can dive straight down, making them more hydrodynamic.

With weighted swimbait hooks, the weight is in the middle of the lure, where which causes them to slowly sink down horizontally.

Another note here is that most pre rigged shrimp don’t work well with jig heads because they have pre-made grooves or other elements that make them best for the hooks they were made for.


savage gear 3d shrimp

If I’m fishing water deeper than four feet, I typically use a jig head, and when I’m fishing shallower water, I’ll use a weighted swimbait hook.

Have any questions about rigging artificial shrimp?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Tom McLane
6 months ago

Thank You Gentlemen,
Maybe a video on the Top Ten Hooks (or whatever # is appropriate) to carry for all your needs from live bait and rigs and jigs
I enjoy the content
Happy New Year to All from Myrtle Beach!

Daniel Carney
6 months ago

For deeper water or faster current you might try borrowing from the bass folks and use a Carolina rig. The Zman shrimp float above the bottom but the Carolina rig will hold them close and the clacking weight can attract fish. DOA shrimp would also work. If you are using a wide gap hook you can also use DOA clamp weights on the hook shaft. These weights can be broken apart to fine tune the weight being used.
Great video. I too often forget about using artificial shrimp in deep water. In the winter shrimp are often the primary food source so matching the hatch is important.

A. Rollins
A. Rollins
3 months ago
Reply to  Daniel Carney

How about a drop shot shrimp or a shrimp used as a teaser?

Stuart Secler
6 months ago

Thanks Tony….. do you ever use the jig heads with the wire guards that make them
weedless, I was told they might impede the bite.

Tom Bowden
Tom Bowden
6 months ago

Great information. Thanks as always

Peter Yannetta
6 months ago

Hey Tony…..
I Always look forward to your videos and expertise ..
Your chuckle whenever you hook up is great!
What about the different colors of gig heads? Any rule of thumb on when to use what?

Mark Kellett
6 months ago

So I need help understanding the whole line – leader – weights and if they are needed in addition to this excellent video. Can someone direct me to those vids? I am learning inshore in Sarasota Bay and offshore in the close in gulf to 5 miles.

Joe Gill
6 months ago
Reply to  Mark Kellett

Mark, if you’re an Insider Member check out:

If not you really should consider joining as an Insider. Lot’s of helpful info like what you just asked about. Fish On!