Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod Review [Top 3 Pros and Cons]


I’ve used the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod for a full season now and have caught some great fish on it.

It provides a combination of some fantastic traits I want all my fishing rods to have. It also has some aspects about it that I am not crazy about.

I decided to share my perspective on this rod to give you an accurate review of how it has performed on the water for me.

This article will identify the top three pros and cons of the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod to help you decide if this is the right rod for you or not.

Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod Video Review

Here’s my full video review of the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod, where I go over the pros, cons and what situations I see this rod is best used for.

Check out the review here:

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Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod Specs

There are a couple different Bull Bay Assualt Spinning Rods that come in different sizes and strengths.

These are the specs to my Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod:

  • Length: 7′
  • Line: 8-17 lbs.
  • Action: Fast
  • Strength: Medium Heavy
  • Price: $179.99

Click here to see details of this exact model on Bull Bay’s website

Top Pros of the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod

Bull Bay Assault Rod Pros
The Bull Bay Assault Rod is a high-quality product made in the USA.

This rod has been great on the water for a number of reasons. My top three pros for the rod are as follows:

1. Great Feel to the Rod

This rod has a fantastic feel to it and is very sensitive, making it so you can feel even the slightest vibrations in the line. It is lightweight and has a great strength vs. weight ratio. It also gives you the ability to cast quite accurately. I’ve pushed the limit of this rod a couple times against some big fish, including the time I caught a 38-inch snook in the rain with my dog, Otisand it always holds up strong.

2. Quality Parts and Components

This rod is made up of great, high-quality parts that come together to make a fantastic rod. The eyes on the rod are tangle-free and great when using braided line. The reel seat has multiple screws which ensure your reel is solidly attached to the rod. Even the cork on the rod handle is well designed and high-quality.

3. Made in the USA

This is an American-made rod, which is one of the things I love about it. It is a high-quality rod and made close to my hometown in Central Florida. The fact that using this rod also supports American jobs is a huge plus for me.

Top Cons of the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod

bull bay rod grip picture

1. Rod Price

The Bull Bay Assualt Spinning Rod is a high-quality product, however, the rod is a bit more expensive than your average rod. For an American-made product, the price is pretty average but it is definitely not an inexpensive fishing rod.

2. Rod Power Rating 

I find the power ratings to be a little off for this rod. My Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod is rated as a medium-heavy power but performs more like a medium power rod. If you’re looking to get a Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod and normally use a medium-heavy power rod, I would suggest leveling up and getting a heavy power rod.

3. The Split Grip Handle

I’m not a huge fan of the split grip in the rod’s handle. The split grip makes it so my rod gets stuck in the rod holders on my boat, which can be a pain in some situations – especially when you’re trying to quickly and quietly pull a rod out for a cast. For some people, the split grip is awesome but it creates a couple of difficulties for me.

Bull Bay Assualt Rod In Action

Here’s a fun video of a trip I was on recently when I was using this rod.

I was out with my dog, Otis, and we got caught in a few rain storms that ended up triggering a good bite…

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The Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod is a great American-made product that is lightweight, has great casting accuracy and holds up well against big fish.

It is one of the more expensive rods that I own, however you always pay more to buy U.S. products versus rods that are made overseas.

I plan to try other Bull Bay products in the future and offer my reviews on them, so let us know what Bull Bay or other fishing products you want to see reviews on in the comments below.

Remember, we are not affiliated with any rod or other gear companies and all our reviews are completely independent.

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3 years ago

I own 2 Bull Bay rods, as a female I find they are great to use all day without feeling fatigued from using. I have tried many rods and always in the end come back to Bull Bay. I love the feel of the rod. Very female Friendly for sure.

David Yates
3 years ago

Any chance for a Bolt vs Assault comparison and recommendation. Wondering what the differences are and if the Bolt is worth the extra money. If we usually get a medium heavy 7′ should we also get one in that rod.

Joseph Carney
3 years ago

I need a rod to pair with my Daiwa BG 4000 spooled with 30# J-Braid. What would you recommend?

Jim Silverman
3 years ago

Luke, I am feeling hindered by the kayak. It’s heavy and cumbersome to launch with all the gear and a lot of work to reload it onto the truck and to clean up on the return. Thinking about a small boat like you use in your videos. Will you ever do a review of small craft? I have never owned a power boat.

Tyler Jones
3 years ago

Luke, I know this rod review is a bit old, but I personally own this same assault rod and just added their best-selling sniper model in. 7’6” medium 6-12 fast action and the rod is amazing for fishing the flats, the assault is my go to whenever Im fishing around any type of denser structure because of it having a little extra backbone. A new review of their sniper rod would be awesome if you could get it out! Tight lines

Steve Perry
3 years ago
Reply to  Tyler Jones

I’ll second the request for a review on the sniper please.

Gregory Davis
5 years ago

What reel were you using

John Thompson
5 years ago

You can get those rods with full cork butt i own9 of them

Andrew Stewart
5 years ago

I have three Bull Bay rods a 7’6 stealth sniper MF, 7’2 Reel Animals 15# MF and a 6’6 assault MF. I have caught everything from 12-25” stripers on them and they have not disappointed yet. I got the 7’6 for my upcoming trip to FL. I don’t need that length to Fish for stripers on the Chesapeake bay but I have used it. Compared to my St Croix Avid inshore rods I think they compare nicely but I agree on rating.

Jack salmons
2 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Stewart

Andrew I know this is old. I just received a 7’6” Bolt MF and can’t wait to use it down to Cape Charles. Do you think using all these a MH is necessary for Snakehead? I haven’t used this rod enough to try. Don’t think a 7’6” Bolt is really the best “gnarly” rod choice for them critters in the areas they live in around here. I was thinking maybe a 6’8” Banshee MHXF

Richard Fiorentino
5 years ago

Thanks Luke – How do you compare this rod to the TFO you were using?

Pat Ogletree
5 years ago

Funny how they rate their 8-17 lb rod as Med Heavy when industry standard for that line rating is Medium. Goes along with what you said about it feeling like a Medium. I do like the fact it’s Made here in America. Thanks for showing us that

Luke Simonds
5 years ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Glad to see that you enjoyed this review of the Bull Bay Assualt rod. Fish On!

Christopher O'Rourke
4 years ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

tfo rating is the same


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