Tanya The Charleston Redfish Slayer (Best Lures, Spots & Mistakes)

By: Joseph Simonds on February 21, 2020
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how to catch redfish in charleston south carolina

This woman is crushing it!

One thing we’ve gotten a lot of requests for is to bring more of our Insider members on the podcast—more “real” anglers.

It’s easy to listen to an interview with a famous professional fishing guide or tournament angler and think, “I could never do that.”

But when you listen to someone who’s just like you, it resonates a little differently.

Tanya Dowdy is from Charleston, SC, and she has been absolutely slaying redfish recently.

She’s one of those people where it seems like every post is about an amazing day full of redfish, plus she’s been super helpful in the community and giving out a lot of advice.

charleston south carolina sheepshead

In this interview she’s sharing:

  • How she’s become such a good angler in a short amount of time
  • Her favorite redfish lures (and how to rig them)
  • Her favorite types of spots to find redfish (super helpful for Atlantic coast anglers)
  • The one boating accessory that has helped her catch more fish and save a ton of time
  • The top mistakes she sees most anglers make that stop them from catching 5x more fish
  • How long to stay in an area if the fish aren’t biting before you should move on

And much more!

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Tanya The Charleston Redfish Slayer [PODCAST]

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tanya dawdy south carolina redfish

I love that Tanya went from not knowing what that “copper-colored fish” was to fishing in tournaments in a pretty quick time.

Most people go their whole lives without having the confidence or skill to fish redfish tournaments!

I’m also thankful for women like her who are going out and catching fish and being role models to young girls like my two daughters.

Have any questions about Tanya’s fishing journey?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Teresa McCullough
3 months ago

Great podcast and glad to see podcasts with insiders speaking!

Jonathan Rupert
3 months ago

Thank you. Very helpful!!

Daniel Cantrell
3 months ago

Joe, have you thought about having Tanya and another local angler/charter captain redo the “Red Drum” course that Jeff Anderson did. Or do spot weekly spot dissections for our VA/NC/SC/GA region. Just an idea… Dan from Savannah

Jamie Beadle
3 months ago

Great podcast. Really enjoy hearing the story of other Insiders. Nice job.