Chartreuse Tail vs. Natural Color Test [Power Prawns Nearshore]

The nearshore bite has been hot lately, so I decided to do some color testing… Chartreuse tail (Shrimptreuse) vs. Natural.

What I found was shocking given that a seemingly small color change seemed to make a massive difference for getting the big fish to bite.

The first day my wife had all of the big fish action when I gave her the shrimptreuse color, and then I had all of the action the following day when I was fishing with Joe and I claimed to lure with the chartreuse tail.

Here’s a fun video showing the action:

Chartreuse Tail vs. Natural Test

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Lure color can make a difference in some cases, so I’ll be sure to document as much testing as I can for us all to be able to have some data to support our colors used based on the conditions.

So far, it seems like the Chartreuse tail is helpful when the visibility is low vs. the natural which seems to get the top bites after the sun is higher up in the sky.

But much more testing is needed in order to say that for certain.

Please share any findings you’ve had for color options like these using the Comments section below.

Your Feedback Needed

I’ll be doing MANY more trips to nearshore reefs this summer, so please let me know about any specific topics you’d like me to focus on using the Comment feed below.

Tight Lines!

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Anthony Michel
20 days ago

Your using 20lb braid like I do but it’s always a challenge splicing heavy mono or flouro to braid. Same uni knot but difficult to tie to braid. What’s your secret to doing it?

Jeff Snowden
3 months ago

That is crazy that the large fish were triggered by the chartreuse trail in the early hours. Great information in this video.

Steven Busby
3 months ago

All about giving the fish something to react at to induce the bite.

Ahmad Aghar
3 months ago

Interesting observation Luke!

Harry Ray
3 months ago

Great information Luke!
Thanks for sharing.

Bobby Taylor
3 months ago

Great video!! Thanks for sharing.

Scott Posgai
3 months ago

What is the area in which you do your near shore fishing? How do you find your spots? I assume you find them on a depth finder, what exactly are you looking for?

3 months ago

Fun video to watch….Here on the Chesapeake, there seems to be a color of early light on any given day, and a different color after around 8 am, a standard day….

As Lefty Kreh said: “Ain’t no use, if it ain’t chartreuse”…It does seem up here, Chartreuse or yellow tails work better than green, white, or red tails….

Robert Elliott
3 months ago

Very informative video

Greg Luzier
3 months ago

Great video!!!


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