Chasebaits Flick Prawn: When To Use The Standard vs. Heavy Lure


The Chasebaits Flick Prawn is one of my go-to shrimp lures.

But here’s a good question that recently came in — when do you use the regular version vs. the heavy version?

The only difference between these two is that one comes with a weighted hook that’s about 1/8 of an oz. heavier…

And although that seems small, it actually makes a big difference.

Depending on what season you’re fishing, whether you’re fishing clear or dirty water, or shallow or deep water, one will usually catch more fish than the other.

So in this video, you’re going to learn the best scenario to use these two different weights of the Chasebaits Flick Prawn.

Check it out below!

Chasebaits Flick Prawn Light vs. Heavy  [VIDEO]

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The Chasebaits Flick Prawn and Chasebaits Flick Prawn Heavy are essentially the same lure, but with different weights.

The shrimp are the same size, made of the same material (TPE), and have similar features, like the rattle.

But the standard version comes with a 1/8 oz. weighted hook, while the Heavy version comes with a 1/4 oz. weighted hook.

Here’s when I would choose each one:

Chasebaits Flick Prawn Light

  • If I’m sight fishing in clean water (smaller splash and subtler presentation is less likely to spook fish)
  • If the water is less than four feet deep

Chasebaits Flick Prawn Heavy

  • If the fish are aggressively feeding (usually in spring or fall)
  • If the water is more than four feet
  • If I’m targeting tailing fish in dirty water (heavier weight will stir up the bottom more and you can cast it farther)


When the fish are more likely to be spooked, I prefer the subtler presentation of the lighter Chasebaits Flick Prawn.

But if the water is deeper or darker, or they’re feeding aggressively, then I’ll go with the Chasebaits Flick Prawn Heavy.

You can get these two lures from our shop here:

Have any questions about these two lures?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Ralph Ramsey
2 years ago

chasebait vs power prawn Which do you think is better bait for money? Will one catch more fish than other?

Franklin Valencia
2 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Ramsey

Yeah I agree! I’m kinda confused what makes a good shrimp lure in general…I’m sure it works on the realism and the power prawn has great action as well…my question is…if a real shrimp evade a predator moving backwards? Shouldn’t a shrimp lure mimic a backwards evasion as well for realism? Just curious. I do understand that the tail makes the action when going forward…but smarter fish/trophy fish usually can spot a phony according to what I’ve learn on realism.

Last edited 2 years ago by Franklin Valencia
Brad Stephens
2 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Ramsey

I’ve used both, having used the Power Prawn for the first time this past weekend, catching a new personal best Flounder. I would go Power Prawns over the Chasebaits product. You can get almost 3 to 1 for the price when including jig heads. You have more versatility too with choice of jig head weight and choice of weedless hooks.

I think the Power Prawn has great action, casts well and looks very realistic. I think it will replace the Zman Ezshrimp and Gulp shrimp that would typically be my go-to. To me the only advantage of the Flickprawn is how real it actually looks.

Maybe Tony, Wyatt or Luke will do a head to head for us to watch, popcorn at the ready!


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