Are You Making This Mistake When Deep Jigging?

Deep jigging large structures is a great way of getting on some big fish!

Where should you place your bait along the structure to hook into a bigger fish?

If you correct this common mistake, then you will catch more fish when deep jigging underwater structures.

Check out more below!!

Are You Making This Mistake When Deep Jigging? [VIDEO]

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When you are out jigging deep structures, most of the fish are going to be held tight to that structure.

The fish will be right on the large pilings or on rock piles where they have more security from predators.

It is absolutely important to make sure you put your bait in the right spot while also taking into account the conditions around you.

The biggest mistake anglers can make when deep jigging structure is they do not account for the current.

You need to make sure you are casting up current of the structure you are fishing.

Predatory fish will sit facing the current waiting for bait to be brought to them.

You want the current to help sweep your lure back in front of the structure into the waiting mouth of the fish.

Further, if you are fishing a big, open-water rig there is typically a lot of current around them.

Placing your bait up current and letting the current sweep the lure in front of that structure will help guide it to the fish.

Species such as redfish or cobia will be hanging close to these types of structures.

To maximize your success, you need to get your bait as close as you can to these areas.

If the current pulls your lure out of the strike zone, all you have to do is reel up and recast up current.

Lure Options

One of the best lures for fishing underwater pilings and structure is a shrimp imitation lure.

A shrimp imitation lure will sit in one spot and creates a lot of action in the current.

If you choose a paddletail or baitfish presentation that needs to be reeled in faster, then you will swim it right past your target zone before a fish can strike it.

The Power Prawn lure is best for this application.

It is a perfect lure for working a small zone because as the current brings it right to where the fish are sitting in the pilings, you can jig the lure up and down.

You can sit there and work a vertical presentation for redfish, trout, and cobia that are holding close to structure.

Equipment Used:


The best chance for success when fishing structures or pilings for big fish is using a shrimp imitation lure with the current.

With the help of the current, your lure will swim directly into the path of fishing holding close to structure.

Remember not to make the mistake of casting against the current because your lure will be out of the strike zone!

If you have any questions about deep jigging underwater structures, please let me know down in the comments!

And if you know an angler who wants to deep jig structures for big fish, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Malcolm Hayward
1 month ago

Issues on jigging.

Lots of fish, competitive feeding, flash, action and they will come to you.

Few fish, sublety and illusion.

What have you got this morning?

If you are anchored in under 60ft with a good tide, the anchor chain as well as the hull of the boat will create an underwater ruckus.

Drift past repeatedly or anchor off and cast as on a river.
I would be nailing something oily and smelly to the bottom, just uptide of your fish holding spot. You will need to be sharpish when your rod tip pops straight.


Jeffrey Wilson
1 month ago

Was that the power prawn I saw in the cobia’s mouth? If so wow that is awesome!

1 month ago

Great tips Wyatt!

Philip Stoddard
1 month ago

Also, what weight jig head works best? Do you like to use a lightish jig to drift the shrimp or a heavier one to get down deeper?

Philip Stoddard
1 month ago

Wyatt, what weight and length leader do you recommend to protect the rig from barnacles? thx, Phil

Bob Hartwein
1 month ago

Great Information! I try for Tripletails with same method on Markers & or Pilings by letting the current do the work on presentation! Like the video as it was direct to the point!

Jonathan Getz
1 month ago

Excellent video Wyatt! Like Mel said, I appreciate that you were concise and direct in your content.

Mel Crissey
1 month ago

Good video presentation Wyatt. I recognize those waters and abandoned well-heads and the bridge along the causeway on the Aransas Pass channel in Texas. I liked the fact that you got right to the point on how to improve my catch. No 15 minute drawn-out video. Good job.
Mel Crissey
San Antonio

Jonathan Getz
1 month ago

Looks like there is problem with the link in the email about this article. I had to access this article separately from the site.

Rick Liskow
1 month ago
Reply to  Jonathan Getz

I had the same issue.


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