Florida’s East Coast vs West Coast (Fishing, Googans, Beer, & More)


I love it when someone devotes their life to becoming they best they can be at their craft.

Today’s podcast guest, Dennis Friel, has blended his passions for art and fishing to become one of the greatest marine artists in the world.

He’s got quite an impressive resume…

He did this mural in Pompano Beach:

dennis friel pompano beach mural

He designs boat wraps…

gale force twins boat wrap

He paints guitars…

jimmy johnson guitar

And he even designs some of the artwork for Freedom Fighter Outdoors, an organization that takes veterans hunting and fishing.

freedom fighters shirt

He’s a Florida native and has been fishing these waters his whole life, so today we had a fun conversation about:

  • Florida’s East Coast vs. West Coast (and the prevalence of monster fish, catfish, googans, jet skis, and more)
  • What it takes to be successful (and why he’s seen a lot of talented people fall by the wayside)
  • The difference between preparing vs. performing
  • Bass fishing vs. saltwater fishing
  • Why we should learn from anglers that came before us
  • And much more

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Florida’s East Coast vs West Coast [VIDEO]

salt strong podcast itunes
salt strong podcast stitcher

salt strong podcast spotify

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dennis friel boat wrap

What an awesome dude!

I had a fun time chatting with Dennis and I hope you enjoyed this conversation, too.

You can follow him and his artwork at the links below:

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Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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