How To Effectively Fish In Marsh Creeks [Fishing Report]

Get rid of old habits and start to effectively fish marsh creeks!!

This entire trip was centered around fishing creek systems during a low tide period.

Low tide can be one of the best times to head out and target redfish.

Take a look!!

How To Effectively Fish In Marsh Creeks [VIDEO]

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The approach on this trip was to fish both ends of the tide and the plan was to keep it simple.

The plan for my dad and I was to fish low tide pools for redfish and then when the tide begins to fill in, start fishing deeper pockets for trout.

For most of the trip, we were fishing with mud minnows as bait but I mixed in the Slam Shady as well.

Often, I am asked if using the Slam Shady lure color is worth it in dark, muddy water.

And the answer is always YES.

The paddletail design gives off vibration to alert fish of your lure in the water.

These lures can also be rigged on weedless hooks which add side-to-side wobble as the lure moves in the water.

The Gold Digger lure color often excels in darker water, but don’t cound out the Slam Shady!

Later on in the trip, the tide began to change over and eddies formed in front of us.

During this time, it can be favorable to throw out a live bait rig rather than artificial lures.

Live bait naturally moves with the water and presents itself naturally.


Low tide presents different fishing opportunities than any other time in the tide.

The fish are bottled up in small pools of water waiting for water and bait to come to them.

Always try live bait and artificial lures during these times of the tide to see what works best!!

Do you have any more questions about how to effectively fish in marsh creeks?

Let me know what you think down in the comments section!!

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Evan Jacobs
12 days ago

Something about that creek fishing way back there! Good job Richard!

Angelo Durso
13 days ago

Hey Richard, excellent post — that looks like a mighty fine honey hole!! Appreciate the illustration — my ears really perked up in the beginning when you said you took the “Mother Ship” approach and took the canoe from the boat. Can you elaborate on this option? I have a bay boat and have been thinking of bringing a canoe on board and anchoring real shallow and then using the canoe to get into some expansive marsh flats or small creeks my boat cannot get into. Is this essentially what you are doing? What are some good habits and things to consider when doing this? I ask because I fish on my own quite often and first and foremost, don’t want to see my boat floating down the river when I return — so anchoring is obviously the top consideration but any other tips or suggestions before I give it my first attempt? thanks again, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Angelo Durso
11 days ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

those are all very helpful insights, thank you. yeah the current does rip at times so mastering & mitigating that factor has to be right up there with positioning & anchoring. it’s too tempting, we’ve got some vast areas with oyster moguls all around you in shallow water was well as small creek & marsh systems where i know some good fish are trolling for bait. I don’t have a canoe or fishing kayak yet so it will be some time before I can try but I am working my way up to this. I’ve been fishing nearby waters for 6 years now and I am still amazed at how many untapped fishing spots there are that just require a little bit more maneuvering and adjustment to get into — but as the area and fishing pressure grows I think it will also be more important to get to those spots. as for fishing, this week after thanksgiving is open and I already planned to fish most days, so you are more than welcome to join me midweek or even next Sunday 12/4 when I will be fishing with Corey. And, hey, if we don’t connect next week I am sure we will down the road!! thanks Justin, have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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