Weird Trick To Find Actively Feeding Redfish On The Flats


Do you know what to look for when trying to locate actively feeding redfish?

Of course, there are telltale signs like v-wakes, tails, moving grass, mud boils, and bait movement.

But did you know bubbles could be the key to finding where and when redfish were in a specific area?

I have some pretty awesome on-the-water footage to show you exactly what you’ll need to be on the lookout for and the best approach to not spook the fish.

Check it out below!

How To Find Active Feeding Redfish [VIDEO]

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Here’s what I used to catch that redfish:

One thing that I have found to help me locate where redfish are feeding on a calm day is to look for bubbles on the surface.

When redfish stir up mud on the bottom or hit a bait on the surface, they’ll often aerate the water and leave bubbles showing where they’ve been.

The pattern of the bubbles can give you a timeframe for when a redfish was actively feeding in a particular location as well.

If the bubbles are really spread out, more time has passed.

On the other hand, if the bubbles are concentrated, this is a good sign that a fish is close and hungry.

Once you see this indicator, do not charge into that area or you could spook the fish.

Instead, make casts as you slowly make your way up to the bubbled spot as the fish may now be swimming closer towards you.

When I’m sight-casting into these areas, I really like to use the Slam Shady paired with a Mustad Weighted Grip Hook.


find feeding redfish

Typically we are always telling you that in order to find fish you need to look for the 3 B’s: birds, bait, and boils.

But on calmer days, I’m adding a 4th “B” — bubbles!

Do you have additional tips when it comes to assessing the water to find fish?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s having trouble finding redfish, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Scott Rispaud
2 years ago


Your tips just make me smile! Ya just gotta love the SS team! Thanks for sharing another great tip

Tyler Jones
2 years ago

Thanks Tony, useful tips as always.

Thomas Newman
2 years ago

Thanks’ for the Great information, it definitely helps us to be better at catching!

Bob Hartwein
2 years ago

Thanks Tony..Great Tip! Nice reel. Have you tested out the BG MQ 2500D-H yet? Like to see your thoughts on this reel. Thanks agin & keep those tips coming!

Rich Jaffe
2 years ago

Those bubbles (if they’re in a trail or line) could also lead to a gator or big turtle. You’re right though, any “disturbance” on the surface is a sign of some kind of activity so it’s a valid tip! Thnx.

Billy Sargent
2 years ago

Good tips Tony

Mike Connelly
2 years ago

Great work Tony!
Thank You..

Ryan Jacobs
2 years ago

Flip that PaddlerZ upside down and you don’t have to ‘skin hook it. The hook remains weedless in the belly pocket. I do this when dock fishing at night.

John Mccullough
2 years ago
Reply to  Ryan Jacobs

Nice point. I will try it.

Steve Popovich
2 years ago

Awesome report Tony! We’re you back in the Indian River area again? Heading out there in the AM.

Last edited 2 years ago by Steve Popovich
Luke Simonds
2 years ago

Great tip Tony!


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