First Day Trying Out Our NEW Lure [Fishing Report]


Here’s some action from the first day of trying a new lure!

The NEW Salt Strong Mulligan is coming SOON!!

Check it out in action below!!

First Day Trying NEW Lure [VIDEO]

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Tackle & Gear Used On This Trip:

The Mulligan is the furthest-casting 4-inch paddletail out there.

This lure casts further than others because of the dimples similar to how the dimples on a golf ball add distance to a drive.

The Mulligan is easily the lure I’ve been looking forward to using the most and it has NOT disappointed me one bit.

Moreover, when this lure hits the shelves, it will be available in ALL of our lure colors.

When it comes to rigging this lure, they match up perfectly with our Hoss Helix Hooks.

I’ve got the F.R.E.D. Mulligan rigged up on a 3/0 Hoss Helix Hook weighing 1/8 oz.

Later on in the trip, I pushed back to some deeper pockets of the creek to see if I could find fish there.

Because I was moving to fish deeper water, I switched over to using a jighead with the Mulligan lure as opposed to a weighted weedless rigging hook.

The Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads are the ideal pairing with the Mulligan in deeper water.

As always, I threw some Dr. Juice on the lure before tossing it out there.

The tide got high on me quickly and I pushed back even further to flooded grass flats along with the fish.

When the water levels increase around the tall grass, the fish push back further and further as much as they can.


beginner artificial lure mistakes

On the very first trip out with this lure I was able to reel in a quality inshore slam.

The Mulligan is COMING SOON to the Salt Strong Tackle Shop!

Until then, we’re making sure it’s a fish-catching machine.

Do you have any more questions about the first day of trying a new lure?

What do you think of the Mulligan lure?

Let us know in the comments!!

Finding The Fish Help

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Dave Rollins
1 year ago

I have been very reluctant to use the Hoss Helix football jigs with paddletails. I typically only use them for the Power Prawn baits and grab another rod with a Trout eye or redfish eye for a Slam Shady or a Bomber. I am happy to hear that the football jigs are catching fish with the paddletails. Will make the gear a little easier without having to switch rods. The heavier weighted Hoss Helix will also help me get the presentation down for some deep channels I have in my area.

Thanks for the update and look forward to trying the new Mulligan when available.

Danny LeBlanc
1 year ago

Awesome catches and as usual I enjoy your videos.

Theodore Miller
1 year ago

Can’t wait to try the mulligan great video Pat

Alan Thomas
1 year ago

Went to website to purchase a pack, did not see them posted. When will they be available?

Tyler Bertrand
1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Thomas

I know I’m itching to get some as well haha

Rob S
1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Thomas

Joe posted a few days ago they will be available Jan. 2023.

Brian Reusch
1 year ago

I`m amazed at how quickly you’d get a strike right after casting with that lure. I can’t wait to try it out! Awesome video, Pat!

Steven Free
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Reusch

You have to remember it’s not the lure that really catches fish its being at the right spot during the right tide during the right time of day or night think about it if a red will hit a dead cut up crab sitting on the bottom they will hit anything if they are hungry enough or triggered into hitting because the lure or bait looks just to good to pass up but I would like to try them and see how they compare to the gulp paddletail in either morning glory wich is black with red flakes and a chartruese tail or the pearl with a chartruse tail both killer redfish and flounder lures as well because the gulp puts out a ton of scent wich reds and flounder both are attracted to anyways just saying


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