Use This Simple Trick To Get A Fish Out Of Structure

What should you do if you are fighting a fish and it runs into a tree branch or a rock?

How can you keep tension on the fish but don’t break off your line?

Try out this little trick to maintain a tight line on the fish and release it from structure!

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Use This Simple Trick To Get A Fish Out Of Structure [VIDEO]

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If you happen to hook a fish and it takes a run for trees, mangroves or structure follow this little trick!

Depending on the pound test you are using, you are limited to the amount of pressure you can put on a fish.

The line and leader can rub against the structure the fish ran into which causes it to weaken and break.

Snook and redfish have tough mouths which can rub against the leader as well that can lead to a break off.

The first thing you want to do, if you get snagged in structure while fighting a fish, is put some pressure on the fish to see if you can get it out.

If not, you will want to take all the pressure off the fish.

When the fish doesn’t feel the tension of the line, they will gradually swim out from underneath the structure.

This trick will work nearshore and offshore as well for grouper or fish that dive back down under rocks.

If you let off the tension on the fish, it will feel more comfortable and they will start to swim out.

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Jerry Dexter
1 year ago

Thanks Tony, I did not know that!

David Wamsley
1 year ago

very nice fish and suggestion. I tried that with a large Sheepshead and he took me into rocks and I got cut off.

Stan Mitchell
1 year ago

Great video an tip Tony thanks.

Rick C.
1 year ago

Tony, great video and tip. I have had quite a few Snook break off in barnacle/mussel-encrusted mangroves in SWFL. I was always worried about the fish spitting the hook as soon as you “let-the-line-go-slack.” Does this technique work more often than not? How often do you think the fish spits the hook when you let off them like this?

Don D.
1 year ago

I read about this some time ago, and proved it to myself with large bass on light fly tackle around thick lily pads. Truly counterintuitive, but works!

Jeff T.
1 year ago

Nice! It’s always an adventure with those big snook on light tackle.

Malcolm Hayward
1 year ago

Most tricky part of wreck and reef fishing. Long fish, eels and ling will lock their tails around stanchions or in crevaces. If you and the line aren’t up to it, you won’t get them out. Live with it.
You need to get them 20ft clear before they realise anything is wrong. Good luck.

Buddy Harrison
1 year ago

Great video Tony … you make it look all too easy! knowing that your experience on the water leads to quick reactions to make possible these fish saving moves. Anyway, now I have that in mind as an option to try. Thanks.

Rob S
1 year ago

Good tip but they don’t always swim out from the same place they went in which can result in a wrapped line. A better chance with a bigger fish as it usually has fewer or no places to swim through forcing it to go back the same way it came in.

1 year ago

WOW, one heck of a fight and that monster Snook, whew! Snother great video Tony!


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