5 Things You Must Know About Fishbites (Plus How To Use Them)


Do Fishbites really work?

I get this question a lot and the simple answer is YES!

And not only do they work, but Fishbites baits catch tons of fish.

So in this video, you’ll learn:

  • Pros & cons of Fishbites
  • How they were created
  • The different types of Fishbites
  • Why they work
  • And how to use them

Check it out below!

Fishbites Bait Ultimate Review [VIDEO]

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Fishbites baits have definitely been a game-changer for surf anglers.

And that’s because of what really sets these baits apart from the rest.

It’s science!

The Science Behind Fishbites Baits

Dr. Carr, the inventor of Fishbites, spent 30 years creating the scent technology that is infused evenly throughout the baits.

Fishbites are synthetic baits that mimic natural bait.

The ingredients act as a natural feeding stimulant for fish.

And it’s concentrated so that scent lasts for the life of the bait.

Pros & Cons Of Fishbites

Pros Of Fishbites

  • They are incredibly long-lasting and Fishbites stay on the hook perfectly
  • You can catch a ton of fish on one piece of Fishbites (and you can even catch them on the mesh)
  • Manufactured and distributed here in Florida
  • Fishbites are biodegradable
  • If you don’t want the mess and smell of live bait, there’s little to no clean-up

Cons Of Fishbites

  • Fishbites are super tough and can be hard to get off of the hook.
  • You actually have to cut them off with scissors or a knife. Please do not use your teeth!
  • If you do not store your Fishbites properly, they may lose some color or pliability (but if you keep the packages sealed and at room temperature, they’ll last for a very long time. You can even refrigerate Fishbites!)

How To Use Fishbites

The most important thing to remember when using Fishbites is you don’t need a huge piece to catch fish.

I like to use the fingernail rule and matching the size of the bait to your hook.

On most days, you won’t need a piece of Fishbites that’s bigger than your fingernail.

If you need more scent in the water because of conditions, you can use a larger piece of bait.

But you’ll want to thread it on the hook so that it stays in place.

Fast-Acting Fishbites

The fast-acting formula is meant for sight fishing or actively fishing.

You can make a simple fish finder rig with a small egg sinker, a swivel, and a small piece of Fishbites.

Simply work that bait on the bottom as you retrieve.

This is a great way to utilize your lighter inshore gear on the beach!

Long-Lasting Fishbites

The long-lasting formula is better for the “soak bait and wait” type of surf fishing.

If fishing in heavy current or high surf, this is the go-to Fishbites formula.

It’s also very resistant to bait stealers!

Want to save some time on the beach?

Go ahead and pre-cut your Fishbites pieces and store them in their sealed package.

How To Choose Your Fishbites

Match the hatch.

Just as you would with live baits, you’ll want to use the Fishbites that match up to the bait in your area and what species you are targeting.

For example, right now the Pink Shrimp, Coquina Clam, and Sand Flea Fishbites are performing extremely well for Whiting and Pompano.

If pairing Fishbites with live baits, try to match them up.

A chunk of shrimp with shrimp Fishbites.

Crab knuckles with crab Fishbites.

And so on.

It doesn’t really matter if you put Fishbites on the hook before or after the natural baits.

But if you are using clam or crab knuckles, it might be best to put the Fishbites on after because it does help that bait stay in place on the hook.

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fishbites bait

If you want an easy, no mess bait then I would definitely check out Fishbites.

They’re super durable, long-lasting, and they catch a ton of fish!

Have you used Fishbites baits yet?

Do you have any questions about Fishbites?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who has never heard of Fishbites or fished with Fishbites, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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3 months ago

After fishing with live shrimp and having just 1 fish for hours of fishing – decided to swap to shrimp fish bite – next 2 casts proved successful and resulted in 2 catches, unfortunately I didn’t swap over earlier – the Shrimp fish bite baits had better results than the live shrimp! This is the 1st time I have used them – but wow what a difference they made.

Aaron Haseneh
1 year ago

Great post, Courtney.
I 100% agree on the effectiveness of fish bites. My only qualm, however, is when I see anglers throw used fish bites on the beach as if they are biodegradable. I’ve seen shorebirds eat them up immediately to later fatally succumb to an accumulation of plastic in their guts. So if you use fish bites, please dispose of them appropriately! Thank you!

9 months ago
Reply to  Aaron Haseneh

How long did you wait around and watch the dang bird?

1 year ago

I problem I found with the packaging is when you cut the top off you lose the name of the type you are using

Sean Shimmel
1 year ago

Way to go Courtney! Super clear with plenty of detail. We have been using very small pieces on the tips of our three-quarter ounce Chinese metal jigs we buy off eBay. Had a double slam a few weeks ago off of the surf… lady, flounder, blue, look down, barracuda and whiting. They do indeed outperform the bare jig. Had 60 fish on Juneteenth with that method.

Michael Bourdua
1 year ago

Do fishbites added to lures or hooks alter their motion in the water? Is there a shape that is better to prevent a helicopter hook or lure pulling in one direction? I saw the underwater videos from the corses about how baits can get off track when improperly presented. Any thoughts?

roy noblin
1 year ago

i have had very good success with fishbites but mainly the shrimp and crab. as you say just a small piece is all needed and i have never used with anything else. the color tells the story.
if dull looking it is old and not near as good as fresh so when you buy be sure the color is good.

Michael Collins
1 year ago

Curious why you didn’t include their artificial fishbite lures such as a paddletail, jerkbait etc? First cast with the paddletail a nice trout. Tail rather stiff so best to work it aggressivly. Priced comparable to Gulp but lasts longer.

Sean Shimmel
1 year ago

I’ve yet to see those in our area here in Melbourne, Florida but thank you for the tip

Mark J Yurchisin
1 year ago

Great info. Is your preference the fast or long lasting bait and which scent have you found to be the best general producer for inshore fishing ?

1 year ago

I have been using them successfully for several years. I particularly like them when I am fishing for pompano or whiting and I usually use a small piece of fresh shrimp and add a small piece of fish bite. Often a pinfish will rob the real shrimp and yet the fish bite will still be on the hook and produce a fish. I am careful to keep the bag sealed.
I recently caught a nice mess of good size spade fish with this same method.\ on a pier I was fishing. Until I found the school of spade fish my dinner plans were looking poor.

Michael Connelly
1 year ago

Nice Job Courtney, I have been a believer for years.. they work great and are a great combination with a shrimp for novice anglers.. So many will cast in one direction and the shrimp goes the other way??? Right?? Use a little fish bites with a live shrimp and you still get a bait in the water. Also when junk fish are stealing your shrimp the fish bites stays on so if the activity gets a predator interested…. There is still something there…
Just a couple thoughts to go along with your great evaluation.


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