Fishing’s Future: Saving The Family Structure Through Fishing


Uncle Shane is in the house!

If you haven’t heard of Texas Fishing Hall of Famer Shane Wilson, you have now…

Not only has Shane dedicated his life to growing the sport of fishing, but the organization he founded (Fishing’s Future) has also directly impacted and taught over 1,000,000 people how to fish at his Fishing’s Future Family Fish Camps across the nation

Yes, you read that correctly…. 1,000,000 anglers!

You’ll understand really quickly why we personally support Fishing’s Future when you read their Mission Statement:

  • Reconnect you to family and strengthen family relationships.
  • Reconnect families to nature.
  • Teach Environmental Stewardship and Increase awareness for the protection, conservation, and restoration of our Nation’s aquatic natural resources.
  • Increase participation in recreational angling.

Listen in as Shane shares why getting families together on the water is life-changing.

And make sure to stick around until the end as I issue a BIG challenge (where Salt Strong will sponsor you if you’re willing to take on your own Fishing’s Future chapter).

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What an amazing organization, right?

If you listened to the end, I hope you’ll take my challenge to start up your own Fishing’s Future chapter.

You have our word that we’ll help sponsor your chapter.

That’s how much we believe in this.

Reach out to Uncle Shane and his team here.

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Mike Schulze
1 year ago

Great interview. I love listing to Uncle Shane tell stories of the families he has touched. My wife and I are honored to have Started Reel Blessed chapter in Port Saint Lucie!!! Our first event will be held on April 17th. I cant wait to experience what Shane experiences every time he teaches a family.

Brianne Dijamco
1 year ago

This is wonderful! I am going to look into the details about starting a chapter.


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